Import Alexa devices to Smatthings

Hi! I want to import Alexa devices to Smartthings to control my devices with Galaxy watch 4. But I have the Alexa account already vinculated to Smatthings but none of the Alexa devices appears on Smart things. I have also smart life vinculated, but all device are showed. How I can solve it?

Unfortunately you can’t. Alexa integration is “one-way”. SmartThings devices are added to Alexa and not the other way around.

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Thanks for the information!

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I too wanted to use SmartThings to control devices that are not supported by SmartThings, yet were supported by Alexa.

It’s a long way around the barn for devices that SmartThings does not support, but it works with Alexa devices that I just want to turn On/Off.

I’m using Alexa Virtual Switches in SmartThings which have Open/Close capability that Alexa Routines can use as a trigger. So when I trigger the Alexa Virtual Switch in SmartThings, then a Alexa Routine triggers the SmartThings unsupported device on Alexa.

Example: I have an SmartThings Alexa Virtual Switch called Air Purifier. I setup SmartThings Routines to turn On (Open) and turn Off (Close) the Alexa Virtual Switch by various triggers. I then have Alexa Routines that when the Air Purifier Alexa Virtual Switch is Open (On) and another one for Closed (Off), to turn On/Off on the Air Purifier.

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I know you meant this, but just to avoid any confusion…

At the present time, it can’t be just a virtual switch, because Alexa routines don’t currently trigger from switches. Just sensors, locks, and Flic buttons.

It has to be a virtual device which is BOTH A sensor and a switch. When you turn on the switch, the sensor opens, and the sensor opening is what will trigger an Alexa routine.

Fortunately there are several community created devices of this type, so you can just use one of those. There’s even one which is an Edge Driver, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility with the new smartthings platform. :sunglasses:

See the community FAQ for step-by-step instructions:

FAQ: Can I trigger an Echo Action without Speaking to It?

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