Immersion Heater Switch (UK)?

OK, then you have two choices.

  1. you can use the Aeotec heavy duty relay which is designed for high load devices. You wire it in line to the circuit feeding the heater.

This is a Z wave plus device which works fine with smartthings. You have to make sure that you get the zwave frequency that exactly matches your hub the way frequency, so assuming that you have a UK model hub, that would be the following:

I’m not 100% sure, but I think it will run locally just as an on/off switch.

  1. alternatively, you can get a little device which acts as a robot finger to just push the button. This is battery operated and moves your existing switch. It’s Bluetooth to its own mini hub which then talks to the cloud by Internet. It has a manufacturer provided integration with smartthings which works quite well. I use a number of these at my own house, and I wrote a review of them for the forum:

2020 Switchbot Review ( robot button pusher), integration through IFTTT or new V3 app

This brand is available in a number of different countries, including the US and the UK.

It will end up being somewhat less expensive than the Aeotec, but it is a cloud-based integration.

Minihub, required for ST integration:

Switchbot button pusher:

Switchbot has the advantage of not requiring any wiring so you don’t have to worry about accidentally disabling any safety features of the device. You’re literally just substituting for the finger pushing the button.

For attaching products of this type, I highly recommend Subaru which is a moldable glue that dries to a rubber like consistency. Removable but not reusable. Really simplifies projects like this. :sunglasses: