I'm interested in a roving vacuum cleaner robot for laminate flooring. can it be integrated?

pretty much open to model, if one will work, im up for it…

I don’t think the Roomba is the best robotic vacuum, but I do know that they are open/easy to control. For my old one, I have a RooTooth dongle (plugs into the on-board serial port and gives it support for Bluetooth). From there, you could use some sort of host controller that would relay from the ST to the Roomba via Bluetooth…some work to get there, but it would at least work.

There may be other (better?) solutions.

There’s a Samsung robotic vacuum that will be integrated before the end of the year. I used it at CES and it’s much more powerful than any Roomba I’ve seen. The downside is that it’s quite a bit more expensive.

I don’t know when it will be available in retail stores here in the US.

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It’s currently 200$ off at best buy, though still too much for me


ouch! when normal push button are available for £30, I cant justify £500!!
Maybe I should use instructables robot…

thanks tho guys!

Search the forums for vacuum, there are several people who have done integrations with different models, although it will typically require an additional hardware piece.

On the roomba front if you go with an older Roomba 500 and 600 series and add on this wifi module http://www.thinkingcleaner.com you’ll be all set. Devicetype and smart app to get it to play well with smartthings are here https://github.com/sidjohn1/smartthings . This combo i know works right now.


I didn’t mean to scare you off of the project! There are several affordable robotic vacuum cleaners, but as soon as you involve internet connectivity it gets a bit more expensive.

any update on the ETA for the functionality as i want to gift myself the powerbot for xmas but want to wait for it to be compatible

I really like my braava for hard smooth floors - it uses swiffer pads and does a great job. you have to change the pads so i don’t care about any integration.
it also will wet mop but i have never used that in the two years i’ve owned it.


@Tyler Can I get an update on this as December is here and still no news also put in a support ticket on this and haven’t got any answers

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Hi Danielle!

It’s unlikely that you’ll see it before the end of the year, but it’s still very much in-progress and there should be some announcements in the next month or so.


I got one of you need a tester

I got two 870’s and a 450 Scooba on Black Friday… time to integrate!

I can chime in on the Thinking Cleaner for a Roomba 650.
I’ve got it integrated with ST and also IFTTT (via Maker Channel so I could voice control it with Alexa triggers before my ST setup this past weekend).
It works great and @sidjohn1 did a great job with his device type.

I’d love to hear more about the Samsung integration. $300 off right now. But I’m confused as reviews say that it’s not connected (ie no wifi). I understand if things can’t be specifically be announced right now but can anyone at least give any idea if the Samsung Powerbot will be able to be integrated as-is or will it have to have add-on hardware? Maybe something internal that will be activated? I’ve just received a Thinking Cleaner but I’m having a bit of trouble with it and I’m afraid my Roomba may either need work or replacement. I’m just considering the options. :slight_smile: Thanks so much.

If your Roomba ran ok before the ThinkingCleaner then it’s probably still ok.
I also had a little trouble joining TC to my network the second time, and I reset the TC then things proceeded normally. Not sure but I think part of the reset required removing Roomba battery.

This is correct. Removing the battery will help reset things.

Another thing to keep in mind is that TC will only work on 2.4 GHz wireless, as it does not support 5 GHz. This means the phone setting it up also has to be on the 2.4 GHz band if you have a multi-band router.

The Roomba will display a flashing light error code if there’s a problem and you can easily google that for a youtube solution video.

Once you get it integrated with ST, you’ll love it. I don’t think I really needed to add it to ST since I had already set it up on IFTTT with the Maker Channel (had a DO Button, an Alexa voice trigger, and a Dash recipe for running it when my car turned off at work), but it’s nice to have it available on my SmartTiles dashboard to see the battery level and whether it’s running.

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I agree. Braava vs Scooba is a popular topic where the Braava 380t takes the top spot since it offers superior features and capabilities.

I’d recommend the robotic vacuum to everyone who’s on a budget and can’t offer the best smart floor cleaners like the Roomba 960 and 980.