I'm bored..... Need ideas!

It’s also great for other products. For example, I have links to Harmony, Ring, Sonos, Rachio, etc. As much as I love Alexa, sometimes, it’s easier when walking by to press a button :slight_smile:

See below.

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Hmmmmm… i like that for ring… how good is that thing?

Did you ever do door locks? I installed them on each of the outside doors after our cat escaped when an unlocked door blew open during the night. Seemed to escape with just a nasty coyote bite on his rear … Ad I guess now has only 8 lives.

Anyway - the locks have been a big hit - not just the ability to control automatically and know what’s secure but simply replacing a key and being able to just open the door when carrying groceries etc has been a big hit - I was very pleasantly surprised!

Only worth doing once you’ve got a reliable mesh and over the initial tinkering IMO.

I hanger not done locks. I want to but my wife is solidly against them… I plan on them in the future.

I haven’t used it for Ring yet, but it’s nice to know it’s there. I would literally have to be walking right by the tablet while someone is at the door which is up a short flight of stairs and 5 feet away. The mostly used tiles on my tablet are weather (who doesn’t like the weather?), Harmony app link, power down tv tiles as well as the Sonos ones.

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Need a zwave-compatible wife :smiley:


Ha…makes me think of Bones and Spock in the new startrek.

Spock : “Lieutenant Uhura wears a Vulcaya amulet which I presented to her as a token of my affection and respect.”
"McCoy : "You gave your girlfriend radioactive jewellery?"
Spock : "The emission is harmless Doctor, but its unique signature makes it very easy to identify."
McCoy : “You gave your girlfriend a tracking device?”
[Long pause]
Spock : “…that was not my intention.”
"McCoy : “Well I’m glad he doesn’t respect me!”