I'm bored..... Need ideas!

Hi everybody!

Well, overall my system is runnng at about 99.9% stable and reliable (that number is agreed upon by the wife, so it’s real).

Other than about 18 switches to change I’m kind of at a loss as to what to do next. (No door locks allowed - WAF is 0% on those).

I’m staying away from the security side of ST as well.

So now I’m looking for some ideas from y’all!

Hook me up and let’s see what I can make happen!

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Got pets? Automate them with feeders, water fountains, doors, etc. Anything Amazon Echo? Home energy monitor.

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This one is a classic: :wink:


I’ve got 4 cats, 2 dogs, my parents, and 5 of 8 kids living at home… it’s a freakin circus!

I also have 3 Amazon Echo’s and a FireStick with voice.

That’s pretty awesome! I am going to be building a cabinet/buffet system in the dining room over the summer that will go from floor to ceiling and wall to wall. I could definitely use some sensors in that.

Maybe get the cheap wired contact sensors and run them all into a single z-wave contact sensor so that when a cabinet door is opened all of the internal lights in that section come on and go off.

Thanks for the inspiration!!!

That’s not a circus, that’s a zoo.

Look into Zoo options for ST ::wink:


@bamarayne, too funny! How about repurposing an Ecolink sensor as a door lock/unlock sensor? While you can’t actually control the lock, at least you’ll know it’s state. Here’s what I did:

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Curious why 0% on door locks?

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Maybe we can make a ringmaster badge.


I’ve got larger dog feeder on my list. My dogs are beasts. The current feeders on the market are pathetic for how often I’d have to refil the hoppers. Any custom devices I make from now on are going to be particle photon. Works great with ST.

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I’ve got 3 dogs myself. Would love to setup an automatic dog feeder but keeping them out of each other’s chow is the trouble.

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The wife says that skynet is not allowed to lock her in the house.


You did explain to her that locking and unlocking remotely is an added bonus, she still has the keys and mechanical deadbolt in case she needs them :wink: Had the same argument with my wife and since I put the locks in she only uses codes to get in. Oh, AND big WAF since she learned that the kitchen light turns green (meaning one of the doors is unlocked) and that she can wave her hand above the sink to turn the light off and lock the doors!


I just read this to her… Her response…

“Oh wow! No”

Green eyed red headed Irish girl… No point in arguing… She wins!


Keith and f5snopro,

Any luck on larger dog (or farm animal) feeders? We also have large dogs - each have their own horse stall in our barn. I am currently adapting coop boss to let them in and out of their stalls, but would also like to be able to feed them from a large (but secured) hopper - something that could hold a 30+ lbs of dog food. Could be separate unit per dog, or single unit that went between their stalls and fed each separately.

Also, would like to do something with a “treat” dispenser that I could use to entice them to come inside (via a bell or tone and dispensing the treat), detect that they are inside and then signal the coop boss to shut their door.

I think there are a lot of possibilities with automation of pet, livestock and farm care


Ok… I’m reviving this thread… I’m bored again… I’ve gone through my programming a hundred times and can’t come up with a way to rewrite them…

Everything is working…

So, now what? Ideas folks… there something at me.

Recently, I bought an iPad and did a custom CSS Dashboard with SmartTiles. Do you have that yet? That was a cool project that took awhile to get right. Mounted nicely on my wall.


I thought about that but we have Alexa in every room of the house…

I have Alexa pretty well covered too, but the dashboard comes in handy sometimes as I don’t feel like shouting, im running out the door, and really good for guests and housemates who have no clue how to use Alexa for all of the commands. The dashboard is idiot proof.

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If I ever get into st Security I will have that in the foyer

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