IKEA Trådfri

Dumb question, just reset the damn thing by needling the reset button.

Just pressed button 3 times and in parallel started device discovery.

Same here. Shows battery :slight_smile: - that’s nice. By Reading the code I see that it should send messages to log, atleast.

Does anyone know if there has been released a firmware update to the bulbs?
I kind of hope that they have changed the lowest level (1%) brightness …

My firmware versions is: 0x12217572 for all my different kind of bulbs…:
TRADFRI bulb E27 W opal 1000lm
TRADFRI bulb E27 WS clear 950lm
TRADFRI bulb E27 WS opal 980lm
TRADFRI bulb E14 WS opal 400lm

@tridas , did you ever get this to work? The device handler that others use seems to work fine in the classic app, but now that I’ve completely reinstalled my network and am using only the new app, I cannot seem to operate the 600lm IKEA color bulb.

I had previously also used another device handler for the regular dimming lights, but those also never worked with the new app. Selecting the ZLL Dimming Bulb did the trick for those. Now to get my color lamps working…

And also for anyone else reading this, have you managed to get the TRADFRI bulb E27 CWS opal 600lm bulb (the color one) to work with the new app? Using the custom device handler (v1.1 I think, the latest, from a year ago) works fine in the classic app, but in the new app, the light cannot even be turned on or off. It just says that it cannot connect to the device…

I don’t know if this is the right place to post this or not, but I’m trying to work out what devices we have device handlers for so far.

For the wireless dimmer:

we have this:

Device handler on post 64

For the Remote Control (5 button):

we have this thread:

but no working DH and some confusion about what the thread is for…

For the bulb E27 600 lumen (Colour and white spectrum grey/white)

we have this thread:

With the DH in post 1.

The standard dimmable and colour temperature changeable bulbs work with the standard device handlers (well, they do for me at least… anyone else had problems?)
ZLL Dimmer Bulb and ZigBee White Color Temperature Bulb respectively.

Any other devices with a working handler that i’ve missed? or any updates on what i’ve included in this post?


If anyone is wondering.

I can confirm that the new Ikea trådfri power outlet works perfect with smartthings. It adds as unknown device and I used zigbee switch power. And it works as expected.


Does it work as a repeater too?

Hmm good question. I do not know how to check that.

I used to have these controlled by smartthings but they were a pain, kept dropping off the network, then I saw a thread that says you can add them to the Phillip’s hue hub so I did and now they are solid with any app such as hue disco, smartthings, alexa, core, webcore and they are fantastic now, very responsive.

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Can anybody tell me what the latest firmware for the 5 button remote is? For the avoidance of any doubt, this thing…

Mine is showing up as 0x12214572 but I have no idea what the latest is, and no Ikea gateway to update…

Hi Jonas

How did you pair the power outlet to Smartthings?


There is a small pairing hole on the bottom of the outlet. I just pressed it for 5sec with a needle. Then it shows up as an unknown source. Log in to ide smartthings and change to zigbee power outlet

Hadn’t seen that - thanks, worked like a charm :slight_smile:

Do you know of any specific Device Handler for the switch? I used the generic one, but of there is a specific one created I would rather use that.

I haven’t tested any other device handler. I’m nosure what the device could do rather then on and off and the zigbee power outlet does that.

I use my power outlet as a timer for some lamps together with smart lighting app.

I’ve spent three hours trying to pair the new Tradfri outlet to Smartthings and use the remote to control it at the same time but to no avail.
I can pair the outlet to ST and control it, I can pair the outlet to the small two button remote it came with but I can’t do both at the same time.
Has anyone managed to do this?

As in the outlet thread,

Probably, as with the bulbs, you’ll have to pair both the switch and the outlet with smartthings and then pair the switch with the outlet

try that.

Also posting the same question in 2 different threads probably isn’t the best idea.


I tried that, I reset both the outlet and the switch, I paired them both with ST but then the outlet won’t pair with the switch. I thought it would work like the bulbs and the puck but it doesn’t look like it does or I might be doing something wrong.

Hmm. I’m not sure then, and I can’t try it out because my local Ikea only has the outlets, not the kits. I’ve picked up a couple anyway and i’ll try pairing with a 5 button remote when I get a chance (the instructions with the outlet suggest that’s possible.

Thank you, please keep me updated if you succeed.
If anyone else has any ideas I’m open for suggestions.