IKEA Trådfri

There’s a switch on the back of the IKEA Trådfri motion sensor that controls whether or not it always activates or only when the ambient light in “not sufficient”. However, unlike the very capable Aeotec MultiSensor 6 or the Philips Hue motion sensors, there isn’t a way to fine tune the level of ambient light required to disable the motion sensor from activating the light.

Until someone has written a specific device handler for it, no there isn’t - I’m trying to write something for the Tradfri Remote (the 5 button one) at the moment, and am getting no further than seeing what I can only assume is an extra pairing request.

In comparison, another forum poster has successfully written a DH for the Dimming Remote (on/off, and rotate one), so it proves it can be done.

I haven’t got a motion sensor from Ikea to test with yet - and until I get the Remote working the wife isn’t signing off on me buying another ‘toy’ to play with :wink:

‘In comparison, another forum poster has successfully written a DH for the Dimming Remote (on/off, and rotate one), so it proves it can be done.’

Do you have a link to this thread? I can’t seem to find it, and I’m planning on buying a couple of bulbs with a dimmer in the near future!

Ahh, my mistake - it was on Reddit…


But the code is there!


Is there any other motion sensors that works good with the SmartThings hub and are not so expensive?

I have 3 of these and they work well once you get them paired

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The ST own brand ones are good, and at the moment £24, iirc?

For convenience, the groovy for Tradfri dimmer is located at https://github.com/kaptajnen/smartthings/blob/master/devicetypes/dk-decko/ikea-tr-dfri-dimmer.src/ikea-tr-dfri-dimmer.groovy

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Is this that Xiaomi Motion?


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@denis_besir yes it is

Really cheap!

Installed 3 lights yesterday. No issues on pairing and loading the device handler. Seems like a very good deal.
Got both GU10, E14 and E27.

Thanks so much for this. I have one question or issue though.

The bulb is controllable through smartthings and mostly the remote, but for some reason I can no longer change the color temperature with the remote. On/off and dimming works, just not the three color temp settings.

Any idea what I did wrong? Anyone else have this problem?

You’ve done nothing wrong. It is not going to be possible to adjust color temperature with the remote when it is paired with SmartThings until a Device Handler for the remote is created that allows this function. At this time, is is only possible when the remote is paired with the bulb only or the bulb and official IKEA Trådfri Gateway via the IKEA Trådfri app.

You can change color temperature from the SmartThings app regardless of whether or not the remote is paired. It’s also possible to change color temperature from Alexa Voice Service, but the color change currently goes to one extreme and the other.

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I’m experiencing an annoying issue…

I have a 980lm white spectrum bulb and rotating dimmer set up and working great with the device handler linked above in the thread, but I’m having real difficulties with setting up a 1000lm non-spectrum bulb.

Switching it on and off 6 times doesn’t seem to put in in pairing mode, or do anything at all for that matter. Has anyone experienced any issues with the standard warm white dimmable bulbs?

Thanks for the clarification @SmartHomePrimer

So how does this exactly work then? Does the remote now go through the ST hub in order to control the bulb? Does the ST hub only understand the on/off and bright up/down of the remote when it’s paired as a “thing”?

I’m just trying to wrap my head around how these things are set up.

Do you know if this dimmer will work with hue bulbs or is it Ikea only?

From what I’ve understood and experienced with the dimmer, it’s still paired with the bulb and communicates directly with it. If the dimmer itself isn’t paired with Smartthings then it seems to hijack the bulbs when paired to them - stopping ST from being about to control then.
By pairing both to the hub, then the dimmer to the bulb everything seems to work nicely.

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I had a hard time getting one of my 1000 lumen to pair. I had to take the lamp base right next to the hub, and switch the bulb off and on fairly rapidly 6 or 7 times. I saw the briefest of flashes, and then when I put the hub in pair mode it finally worked. I was within inches of the hub.
Watch for the flash, it’s very quick, but you’ll notice something looks different if you are watching as you turn the bulb off and on.

I am having a problem with a “ghost” bulb showing up. I have two ikea bulbs, but pretty much every evening a device called uknown thing shows up in my list. I have deleted it, and I have had suport delete it, but nothing sticks. Any ideas on that?

Thanks, I haven’t noticed any flash (was definitely noticeable on the 980lm bulb), but good to know there isn’t some fundamental difference that stops the 1000lm bulbs connecting. Will try again this evening.