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Ikea Tradfri bulb as repeater?

(Ben Erkens ) #1

Can I use a Tradfri bulb as a repeater?

I often loose connection with the Mi Aqara sensors on the loft. Looking for a repeater I think about installing a cheap Ikea Tradfri GU10 bulb there or on the 1st floor.

Without switching the bulb on, only connected to mains and paired with the SmartThings hub, it is a cheap repeater for $8.99. I install it in a lampfixture, connect it to the 220v and leave it off.

Will this work?

(Ben Erkens ) #2
(Ben Erkens ) #3

Now the Tradfri bulb is installed in the loft, I had to look for a good location within range of the SmartThings hub.

Already a few days the door/window sensor has a reliable connection with the hub.

Looks like the bulb works as a repeater (€6,95 / $8,99).

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Thanks for the update.

I have a few tradfri bulbs and doubted they actually repeated. So next time I can buy one of these to use as a cheap repeater :slight_smile:

(Gavin Melling) #5

I’ve got two Tradfri bulbs quite close to each other - one is often unreachable as it’s slightly further from the hub, so I’m not convinced about them being repeaters personally.

(Ben Erkens ) #6

First you have to find the maximum range of the bulb to the hub. How far away can the bulb be controlled.

Due to steel in the house , concrete walls/ceilings, it can be variable at different locations.

Make sure that is reliable for a few days and then the bulb will be repeater for Things near the bulb.