IKEA Fyrtur Smartblinds available in US 1 October 2019

I know these have been available in the UK for a while but they are now listed on the IKEA web site in the US. I’ll probably get one soon but curious if an US based users have already tried to install on Smartthings.

There are several people using them with SmartThings. There’s is a custom DTH floating around here and native support is coming, too.

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Bummer! None of the available sizes work for the first window I wanted to put these on. And they can’t be cut to size :sob:

Community Device Handler by @a4refillpad here:


Perform a quick search on YouTube and you’ll find a video with very clear instructions on how to cut one to fit.


@a4refillpad I guess that what I’m asking. I’m aware of the various DTH’s and that they’ve been used successfully in the UK…I’m curious if anyone in the US has installed these blinds and if there were any issues related to either the US version of the Smartthings or the US version of the IKEA blinds. I don’t mind just giving it a try but if there are issues then I’d like to know that beforehand.

there isn’t any difference between the Europe version and USA version other than size


@Automated_House I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure that there are electrical difference between US and UK. Also, I’m pretty sure that there are differences in how US/UK devices are supported. I’d guess that any nuance could result in problems. If not, why is there a UK section of this forum? Again, I’m simply looking for either success or horror stories from folks that have used in the US. I appreciate your earlier post that people have successfully installed the IKEA product…but you didn’t mention if these are people based in the US since these have only recently been made available in the US.

The blinds are using zigbee 3.0, which uses the same frequencies and communication standards worldwide for smart homes. Ikea designs their products to sell worldwide with as little change as possible. I’m willing to bet the only difference is the width of the curtain. You won’t hear any success or horror stories from the USA since they aren’t on sale here yet (you can’t add to cart yet on the ikea website).


@Automated_House Per the IKEA web site these are now available at IKEA stores for in-store purchase when I just now confirmed.

Did you verify it is available at your local store?

@jkp Nope. But then again, that’s the reason for my question.

not my store

@Automated_House Humm…so you don’t have any personal experience with this? I’m not trying to argumentative, but none of your responses address my question. I’m basing my question on the IKEA web site and looking for folks that have tried to install in the US not folks that have not. If it’s not currently available in your local IKEA store then maybe you’d be willing to respond once it is and you’ve tried to install it.

While listed on the Ikea website, I do not believe any US Ikea stores actually stock the blinds yet.


Looks like 1 color available only.

I bet some zigbee engineers at large corporations that make smart home hubs might have some early access to prototypes :wink:

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@all4dom IKEA makes several blinds. The Fyrtur is designed to be a blackout darkening blind so I’d guess that it will only be available in black due to it’s objective. My wife is a 911 dispatcher and doesn’t get home until 2AM (sometimes later) and needs blackout well after sunrise. If you’re looking for a variety of colors then take a look at their other blind options.

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@Automated_House Thanks again for responding without any personal experience with this product. If everything worked the way that they were designed then there would never be any issues with differences between countries but this just isn’t reality. Please update once you have personal experience with this product.

Probably won’t happen since my wife doesn’t like roller blinds. But do let us know if you get a set!