Ikea Dirigera?

Hey there!
I have a Dirigera hub and an intelligent socket. I managed to integrate to the google home, but i cant do the same thing in smartthings and i dont know why.
Waht did i wrong?

At the present time, there is no available integration between the Dirigera hub and a Smartthings account. :disappointed_relieved:

That should change in the future once IKEA updates the Dirigera software to make it a “Matter Bridge,” but you would still need a SmartThings/Aeotec hub to make the integration work.

FAQ: What do I need to add a Matter device to the SmartThings app? Do I need a bridge router device?

So for now, the only thing you can do is use a Google routine to create a partial integration with smartthings. But I will have to leave it to other people to explain those details. And it’s going to be pretty limited.

Hmmm… i bought this item for the matter, and the ikea did not said that is not working. So now i must find my inner peace…
Are you saying that i have to create a google routine and that works from the smartthings? How? And why I need a smartthings hub when i have a “matter” hub?

Matter can be used different ways by different manufacturers. Which I know is confusing, but it’s just the way it is. :thinking:

A manufacturer can set up their hub as a “Matter controller,” in which case it can bring individually matter certified end devices, like smart plugs, into its app. Some Smartthings hubs are matter controllers. So you can take an individual matter certified end device like the Tapo 125M, and connect it to the SmartThings Station hub via Matter.

A manufacturer can also set up their hub as a “matter bridge,” in which case you can add that hub to another company’s app. It will then be able to bring along some of its connected devices like smartplugs, which are not individually matter certified. The aqara M1 hub is a matter bridge. But at the time of this writing, the Dirigera hub is not, although they have said that they do plan to give it that capability in the future.

Even if a hub is a matter bridge, the second brand will probably require its own hub in order to accept the bridge. Bridging takes a lot of work on both sides.


If you get a plug like the Tapo 125M which is individually matter certified, and has the matter logo on the box for the plug itself, you will be able to add it to multiple platforms that have matter controllers. That includes Google home and smartthings (but only if you have a Smartthings/Aeotec hub).

If you get a plug like the Ikea Tradfri smart plug which is NOT individually matter certified, you might be able to bring it into another system once the IKEA Dirigera hub has been updated to act as a “matter bridge“ but you will still probably have to have a hub from the other system to act as the receiver.

What brand/model of smart plug Were you trying to add?

edited to correct a mistake on my part which @orangebucket pointed out below.

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Oh… ok, I get it.
So when the dirigera is get the matter bridge then i have to get a “smartthings” hub that also have a matter bridge. I need to mention that i didnt get my inner peace :smile::smile::smile:
The smart plug is also an ikea tradfri (i dont remember that specific name of that plug).
So smartthings is not easy for a smart home to build i guess

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Is an Ikea smart plug Zigbee device?
If it is, you can connect it directly to SmartThings Hub.
No Matter is needed.

Yes, this plug is zigbee but i have not a smartthings hub

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The SmartThings hub doesn’t need to be a Matter Bridge itself. It just needs to be able to receive communications from a Matter Bridge, which some models can.

So right now, for example, as long as you have a SmartThings Station hub you could add to SmartThings any hub from another brand which is a Matter Bridge, including SwitchBot Hub 2, Aqara M2, ZemiSmart M1, Philips Hue Hub, etc. Even though the SmartThings Station is not itself a Matter Bridge. But it is able to receive the communications from a Matter Bridge.

And once Ikea adds Matter Bridge capabilities to its Dirigera hub, you would also be able to add the Dirigera hub to your SmartThings account if you have a SmartThings station or another ST Hub model that can receive matter bridge communications.

So smartthings is actually one of the most “friendly” home automation platform in terms of allowing you to add devices of other brands. It’s just that you can’t add the hub from another brand unless that hub is also a bridge or unless it offers a specific SmartThings integration.

But to use Matter with smartthings, you do need to have a SmartThings hub. That’s pretty common in the industry.

I wasn’t aware that the Dirigera was a Matter controller, or indeed that they’ve even suggested it would be. The only firm commitment I’ve seen from Ikea is that the Dirigera would be a Matter bridge and that came without any firm timescale.

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Good catch: I’ll update my post above.

Ok, thank you so much for the help.

To orangebucket: so this dirigera is officially would be a bridge but at this point it isnt.

I’ve found it surprising hard to find solid information about the Dirigera. I know it was meant to be getting its own native remote control capability early this year to reduce the dependence on third-party integrations off the LAN. That seemed to be ‘official’. If it ever did there doesn’t seem to have been much comment about it. But what else was briefed by Ikea and what was just speculation based on the presence of Wi-Fi, Thread and Bluetooth that was unused at launch isn’t clear. As I say, the only thing that they actually seem to have committed too on the Matter side of things is to be a Matter bridge. I find it difficult to see what else would really be a priority for them.

All the launch publicity about the Dirigera seemed to have a consistent narrative that the Matter support was coming along in a matter of months. A year on there still doesn’t seem to be a sniff of it.

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I hear multiple insider reports from engineers at different companies that IKEA doesn’t want to launch until the onboarding experience is smooth and easy and pretty much the same for all major platforms. They don’t want any customer support headaches.

Remember Philips Hue only released its bridge functionality about six weeks ago, for that same reason. So I don’t think IKEA is that late to the party if it catches up by the end of this year. :man_shrugging:t2:

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Nor do I. It will make for a rather appealing little ecosystem too. I’d much rather have all my Ikea devices on one of their hubs. They seem happier there.


Got this official reply yesterday


Yay thats good news, than i dont have to throw away the hub. Just wait 1-2-3 year i think…:smiley:


Now that it’s available in beta on the ikea app. Is there any updates on trying it? Some of the things ( air quality sensor) aren’t available to connect directly to smartthings as far as I’m aware. It would be helpful to connect to the hub for routines

You do it the same way you do any Matter bridge.

Open the ikea app. Follow the instructions there to use the Dirigera hub as a “Matter bridge.” This will generate a QR code.

Open the SmartThings app. Go to add a device, then choose Matter (not IKEA), then follow the instructions there to use the QR code you got from IKEA.

If this is the first time you have added a matter device to your account, see the FAQ on what you need:

FAQ: What do I need to add a Matter device to the SmartThings app? Do I need a bridge router device?

And that’s it. The dirigera hub should be added as a matter bridge and it will bring over some of its attached devices. You will then be able to use those devices like any other device on your SmartThings account.

Note that the IKEA matter bridge feature is currently still in beta and likely to be for quite a while. It is not available yet to all IKEA customers, so if it doesn’t show up any IKEA app, you have to wait until it does.

And at the time of this posting it only supports lighting. No sensors, buttons, air purifiers, speakers, or anything else yet. Just the smart bulbs and items with built-in bulbs.

Because of that, there’s not much reason to use this method with SmartThings yet. Those same devices can already be added directly as individual Zigbee devices to a smartthings/aeotec hub. And that method already runs local. But you will get one benefit: because matter will allow you to use it with both the IKEA app and the SmartThings app at the same time, you will be able to use the IKEA app to perform firmware updates when needed. So that’s something.

As for how well it works, I’ve only seen a couple of reports on other forums of people who have tried connecting the dirigera hub to SmartThings via Matter. Most people said it went fine, a few were unable to make the connection, but they didn’t appear to understand the Wi-Fi issues required for initial set up, including IPv6 support, so they would’ve had the same problem with any matter over Wi-Fi device. (Again, see the community FAQ linked to above.) But those who already had matter working said it added fine.

So not much news yet. Note that if you already have IKEA Smart bulbs, you would have to remove them from SmartThings and connect them to the Dirigera hub before starting this whole process, so you would have to re-create any routines have been using those. Also, if your Zigbee network had been using IKEA bulbs as repeaters, you’re going to lose those when you remove them from your SmartThings hub. So that’s just something to keep in mind. :thinking:

The matter bridge approach doesn’t give you a Zigbee connection to both a dirigera hub and a SmartThings hub. Instead, you first set up the smart bulb with a Zigbee connection to the matter bridge (in this case, the Dirigera hub) and then you set up a matter connection via WiFi between the matter bridge and your SmartThings hub.