Ignoring Other Smart Apps?


I am working on a smart app for my presence sensor and ran into an issue.

I have a smart app installed that will automatically lock my door after 5 minutes, once unlocked, that I want to keep. However, I am writing the presence smart app, and one of the pieces is that I want to keep the door unlocked until I enter (sometimes I get the mail, or take out the trash). Is there a way, code, etc. that will allow me to ignore, block, or priority my unlock command/time above the other routine?

I realize that I could mess with modes (change it to 1 mode when I arrive, then after the door is open, change it to Home), but I am just curious if there’s a way to ignore all other smart apps and make my command priority.



But you will probably find that you can accomplish what you want by shifting instead to writing in webcore. This is essentially a scripting language for SmartThings, and because it allows you to have local variables, you can do a lot of things with stacked conditionals that you cannot do if you are just writing individual smartapps. It really extends what you can do with smartthings.

They have their own forum, and most of the experts hang out there, so you will probably want to continue the conversation in that forum. :sunglasses:

That is awesome… I have been missing variables. Thanks!

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