IFTTT integration for Routines or Security state?

Is there a reason that triggers were only based on individual devices? Example, I have three people at home and cannot trigger an event based on ALL THREE leaving due to the limitation of your integration.

Any chances you will increase this in the future?

It definitely seems like a design omission. :disappointed_relieved:

There are two possible workarounds which are popular in the community.

The first is to have your routine turn on a virtual switch, and then use that virtual switch coming on as the “If” in your IFTTT applet.

If you want to use a routine as the “that” there is a smart app in the marketplace section of the SmartThings mobile app specifically for that purpose. Again it uses a virtual switch. That smartapp has been around for a long time, so it uses the original SmartThings terminology of “home phrase” instead of “routine”, but they’re the same thing.

The second is to use core, which can connect to IFTTT through the maker service/channel. Core is much more complicated, but also much more powerful.

So like many use cases, there are a couple of different ways to do this with smartthings, it’s just none of them are easily discoverable unless you ask in the forums. :sunglasses:

Just wanted to second that I use the Virtual Switch method. My trigger(s) flip the Virtual Switch, and IFTTT has multiple applets that fire when the Virtual Switch sets to On.

I see the Stringify App is out (beta) for Android and it appears to allow more sophisticated flows. Looks like it supports more complex conditions (e.g. IF this AND that …) and outputs (do this and this and this…)

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It’s certainly possible that I’m not understanding what you’re trying to do but using a Routine there is an option to trigger actions when Everyone Leaves (in my case I use myself and my wife’s phones as presence sensors but it could be done with SmartThings Presence sensors or any combination) and I do this regularly to switch from home to away.

This has been possible for most of the time I have been using SmartThings… there are limitations… and I do use CoRE for some more complicated actions… but doing things when Everyone leaves is very simple.

Doing things when individuals leave can be done by creating a routine for each person.

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This is helpful if IFTTT is compatible with a product that is not or soon will not be, i.e., Blink cameras, compatible with ST.