IFTTT how to set the dimmer level?

I would like, depending on the air sensor, the dimmer light switches to a specific level. I must use for this IFTTT. Unfortunately in IFTTT by adding light dimmer light I can not point to what level. How to solve it?

Create a virtual momentary switch in smartthings.

In your IFTTT applet set this new virtual switch as the “that” to turn on with ST.

Back in ST, create a smart lighting automation. The switch you want to control is your real dimmer switch. Set it to “turn on and set level.” The trigger is your virtual momentary switch.

This way, when your air sensor does whatever you set in IFTTT, the virtual momentary switch in ST will turn on (momentarily). Your smart lighting automation will set the dimmer level of your real dimmer because the virtual momentary switch just turned on.

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Thanks, it works. But delays with IFTTT are unacceptable … sometimes a few minutes …

Yeah, IFTTT is nice because of the many additional devices/services you can integrate with ST. But it can introduce lag, no doubt.

Are you sure you “must” use IFTTT? If so, then the delay is what it is. However, you never know…someone might have found another intergration for your specific device…

Foobot air quality sensor gives value. If it is 0-100 then the dimmer should have a level of 30%, if the 100-200 is dimmer to have level 60%, as above 200 it is dimmer to have level 100%.

Seems like there is a ST DTH…
Try using it and CoRE to set the rule you described above…

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Great thanks. I can not find your Key - Your 16-digit Foobot Serial. There is only FCC ID on the housing. I have two Foobots and both have the same FCC ID … In foobot app for Android also I don’t see Serial number.

Ok: It should be the same as the hostname of your Foobot + “0”. Your router should be able to assist you in getting the hostname.

Unfortunately it does not work. As it is written in the manual, I copied 16 digits from the client’s name from the router. The characters were 16, I did not add any zero at the end, as Krzysztof suggests.

Dang. :persevere:

Here’s another one: