IFTTT and SmartThings (UK accounts)


Super close guys and gals.

Going through final rounds of testing right now. :smile:


This this for a global 3rd party solution? Or are we just talking IFTTT here?


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Same issue. I can see all my Things when I grant the access on IFTTT, but they are not available when I want to build a rule.

I will try to find it, it can do no harm…

One more option if you’re willing to copy and paste someone else’s code

If you’ve been waiting for the OAuth problem to be fixed so you can use one of the third-party rules engines, I did just want to mention one new alternative. This one demonstrates one of the real strengths of SmartThings, which is that community members can develop new smart apps and make them available to others.

Because this one works entirely within the SmartThings, it is not affected by OAuth. However, you will have to copy and paste The code into your own account.

The third-party options are very nicely polished and offer a lot of functionality and are easy to install.

However, if you’re willing to copy and paste someone else’s code, One community member has created a smart app that will let you more easily combine multiple rules. So something like “my wife is home and it’s after 10 PM and someone entered the bedroom” then do something. It’s called “rule machine.” Again, it’s going to look more techy than the third-party solutions because it’s limited by the options available to something that runs inside the SmartThings mobile app, but it’s worth considering. @bravenel has contributed a lot of code to the community over the past two years, and is well known for being able to solve very complex multiple device scenarios.

To begin, take a look at the FAQ on using custom code. Then if that sounds like something you’d be willing to try, continue to the actual thread about rule machine.


Just noticed IFTTT is down for “a bit of maintenance”! Could this be???

Chop Chop,

I’ve just ordered my Huawei watch and I want to be able to turn my lights on when it arrives on Friday :slight_smile:

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Wishful thinking … its back online now and no change yet.

what about sharptools?

SharpTools has been updated to work in the UK. If you already had it installed (like I did) then you may need to clear the app data (Phone Settings - Apps) before going through the authorization process. Also make sure o toggle the ‘UK Mode’ switch before attempting authorization.


SharpTools is indeed now working; just paid the £1.99 to get the Widgets, and much better than the default Samsung Widget :smile: Thanks


I’ll just leave this here…


I also changed the post title since IFTTT is working! :smile:


Awesome. Thanks to everyone who has been working on the.

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Hope this isn’t what’s caused the current IFTTT outage!!! :sweat_smile:

It is loading for me again, should be good now.

I still get the “problem accessing switch” error. Is there something i need to do for it to work?



Did you do a full disconnect and re-connect?

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Great , well done all, working well for me.

Re: Other devices / services that use OAuth… I assume each one will need to be updated. Is there a maintained list, presumably by SmartThings of what works in the UK , what doesn’t and if they are in progress to become working ?