IFTTT and SmartThings (UK accounts)

Awesome Awesome Awesome !!

Great work guys…this is working for me (regular UK joe public non alpha/beta tester), got SmartTiles up and running … VERY HAPPY!!!

Thanks all for the work you’ve put in *** DONATION ON ITS WAY ***

Right …I’m off to the pub to celebrate :wink::beers:

SmartTiles FTW!


Just seamlessly installed SmartTiles and I can now monitor and control items from my laptop!

Thank you for the hard work getting this working, also for proving that OAuth will work. Now just need the other 3rd party companies to make the same changes.


Just installed smartiles - awesome - now would like to see SAMIIO work with Smartthings here in the UK.


hmm smarttiles giives me this {“error”:true,“type”:“java.lang.ClassCastException”,“message”:“An unexpected error occurred.”}

Any ideas??

Edit Sorted. I had to go into preferences and that sorted it

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Thanks cosmicpuppy

Had my first chance to use smarttiles and its great thanks for all your efforts.

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There’s also a separate forum topic, very active, for discussion of SmartTiles theming and mounting possibilities.

If you are considering doing a wall mount (or even just putting it in an inexpensive magnet mount on the refrigerator) for the smarttiles dashboard, definitely check out the topic. There a lot of great pictures and creative project ideas there. :sunglasses:

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Did you need to tweak any particular Preference(s) to fix it, or just “anything”.

A few users report similar errors…

SmartTiles is working great for me. This will at least enable my wife to access the system on a laptop and by adding a shortcut to the URL on her Android phone.

Great work getting this working.


Smart tiles working great for me on first try… Thank you so very much.

Girlfriend is finally happy(ish)… Didn’t even complain when I reset ever Lightify bulb in the house twice… So I could firmware upgrade…

You sure are a hero… Donation on route


Multi user support and OAuth working at last. Now I can really start creating some useful routines/apps… .Am loving Smarttiles!

Just need IFTTT & SharpTools to work and I’ll be happy.


Can anyone confirm if logitech Harmony is now working with smartthings in the UK?

Tried harmony pairing 2 days ago and get an error when trying to authenticate still.

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There is a dedicated SmartTiles UK thread where the developers will be glad to answer any of your specific questions. :sunglasses: (This is a clickable link)



Now as smarttiles works, lest comeback to original issue. Still having problem with everything else. IFTTT , SharpTools, Pebble, Harmony etc. How is fix going? Does it require every partner to update, or global solution is coming?

Yes, it requires every partner to update. It’s a simple change, but it is a change.


I think it’s only fair to note that there are two fixes: a relatively simple change that all SmartApps should be implementing but only affects officially published SmartApps (eg. IFTTT and Harmony) – and a workaround that community SmartApps can implement, but is using is an unsupported method which SmartThings said they plan to close off at the end of the year (eg. SmartTiles, SharpTools, SmartRules).

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I think just anything can’t remember exactly what I changed

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@625alex @tgauchat Many, many thanks for this. Thanks for all the hard work.