If open/close HASN'T been opened

Ive looked at the pet feeding smart apps, they dont do what I need. Im looking to send a notification to members if an open/close sensor HASN’T been opened between 2 different time periods.

Basically if the cat hasnt been fed in the morning then send a notification. Repeat again in the evenining. The open close sensor would be on the inside of the cats food tin. Hope that makes sense.

This could potentially be used if the trash/ rubbish hasnt been taken out.

Anyone have any ideas - TIA hopeful

Can’t speak to any apps, but that is the sort of thing that is easily doable with webCore or SharpTools Rule Engine. (Yes, I know those are probably going away at some point, but this is a present day solution.)

Here is the general concept:

1 - Define a variable and just prior to the time period, set it to a value of NotFed
2 - Using an IF, set the variable’s value to Fed if the sensor changes to open during the time period.
3 - Using another IF, check the variable just after the time period and send a notification if the value of the variable is NotFed

Do the same thing for the 2nd time period.


You can do this with automations. Times are just an examples.

  1. Create virtual switch for example ”cat hasn’t been fed"

  2. Create morning Automation that if food tin is open between 8am and 10am, every day, will turn virtual switch “on”.

  3. Create automation that if virtual switch is off at 10:01am send notification "cat hasn’t been fed”.

Do same for second time period.

I have made couple changes to simplify automation and reset virtual switch, but this will do it


Amazing! This should just about do it

The webcore solution from Bry seems the most elegant solution but is probably slightly beyond my knowledge at this point so will probably go with the virtual switches for now. Thanks all! :+1:t2: