If not smartthings then what hub as an alternative?

I have read here a few different times that “don’t” rely on smartthings hub its a hobby hub. If you want to control, lights, sensors (window/door), locks, cameras etc… what other “hubs” are recommended.

What systems out there are the way to go?

Crestron and Control4 are stable and great options. Unfortunately they both come with a much higher price tag than SmartThings.


To be honest, any system under about $3000 is either very simple (like HomeKit or one supplied by the local cable company), or not particularly reliable (like most of the others that support complex logic). Every system has pluses and minuses, and Different things work for different people.

If you have the money, typically 10% of the cost of the house plus an annual maintenance fee, then both control4 and Crestron are worth considering. But most people with a budget like that are not looking at smartthings to begin with. :wink:

Every system has pluses and minuses, it’s just a matter of finding the one that best matches your particular needs and preferences.

And any discussion of the direct smartthings competitors is going to be long, complex, and probably already covered in the existing threads. :sunglasses: So I would just start with those.

Just use the magnifying glass in the upper right on this page and search for “alternative” and you’ll find at least a half dozen threads discussing options. The question tends to get asked at least once a month, typically when there’s a platform outage. :scream:


Control4 just released a $350 option. Still more than ST, but cheaper than a couple grand.

I’m guessing it still requires a professional installer?


It does, and it’s intended for professional builders to include in new home developments as an alternative to HomeKit. Or for hotels. There’s no indication as yet that it would be sold to individuals at that price. Or what the monthly service costs might be.


That is just it, Control4 can sell themselves on quality and dependability, but only because their products are limited to professional installations only. If you want a DIY installation, that option is a dead end. Also, that $350 is for the base hub only, did you want it to control anything as well?

Like @JDRoberts, stated, this dead horse has been beaten. Vera, did that. Homeseer, been there. MY recommendation is try a few and see what you like best. There is no “best” one for everybody…not at our price range and not if you want DIY.


Not an endorsement (because this product is very, very young…), but if you’re adventurous and want to try a different direction that is stirring up some excitement…



Terry, you probably covered this elsewhere, but is Actiontiles actively pursuing an interface to Hubitat? Actiontiles is a big part of my control of ST. My holdup with giving Hubitat a try is the interface. I really need to open my phone, open an app or a AT screen and control things.

Just wondering.

Thanks for your love of ActionTiles, Jim.

We have a full-plate right now concentrating on hundreds of feature requests to meet the needs of our foundational base of SmartThings customers. We’re looking forward to seeing how Hubitat matures as well and hope that we will both be ready at the right time for a great integration.


I’m working on a port of HousePanel to Hubitat. Should be ready in a week or so… Just search for HousePanel to see the thread of info and the baseline app here.