Problem with It's Too Cold app

So, I bought a multisensor (Aeon labs) that’s rated for outdoor use. and a Outdoor switch to control the heat. Both show correctly in the ST app, and work.

In installed the feature from the Convenience section, that allows you to choose a sensor, and set a minimum temp. When reached, it’s supposed to turn on a switch. I believe it’s called “It’s too cold”

I set the temp @ 70 minimum, told it to text me, and turn on the switch when it goes below, and set it outside in the evening, to get the temp below that. But nothing happens. No switch on, no text like i programmed. The temp now is showing 68.


The sensor was 71 or above when you set up the SmartApp, right? If not, it would have to go above and back below for it to trigger.

Yes it was, and I have since raised it to over 80, and then put it back outside.

I had that SmartApp work for me before. You could try a couple more things or email support.

  1. Go through the developers link, sign in, and choose to view the logs. Get the sensor warmer and colder again to see what shows up in the log file for this app.
  2. Verify the settings in the SmartApp. You can do this by going to the devices in Things, choosing each of the two devices in question, and choosing Smart Apps to make sure the App appears there.
  3. Have you received a text message before from a SmartThings app? If not, maybe try adding a message to another app that you can easily trigger to make sure you can get a text from them.

Hope that helps. Otherwise, you can try support and they may be able to help more directly.