iDevice switch

looking to see if anyone has been able to integrate an iDevice switch?

iDevices just updated their iOS app and it mentions that iDevices … devices … are now compatiable with Amazon Echo. I don’t know if this makes creating an ST device type any more easy or not but it’s a positive sign at least. Hoping that it’s now a possibility because I bought a bunch of these at HD on deep discount on spec that they may work some day.

I saw that as well and installed the skill for it. I also got it at home depot for a huge discount (They must not be selling)

Any updates?

Does this mean that, if we have all three (SmartThings, Echo, & iDevices Switch), we can control the iDevices Switch from SmartThings (i.e. if we create a bundle of siulated switches that tell Echo to do certain things)?

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Bump. Any word on iDevices control via SmartThings (since it connects to Echo)?

Connecting to echo doesn’t help with SmartThings integration unless you want to add a speaker device next to the echo to literally say commands to it. A few people have done that with a cheap android tablet, but it’s a pretty kludgy way to get an integration.

The IHome pocket sockets will work with both smartthings and HomeKit, if that’s what you were looking for. But the idevices brand doesn’t have any means of SmartThings integration at the present time.

IDevices works with Google Assistant, SIRI and Amazon Echo directly either through accessing the device via the IDevices website or through the addition of a Skill for Echo. It, does not, directly work with Smartthings to my knowledge. I thought that there might be a way to tie it in but I haven’t figured it out yet. Not working with Smartthings directly is a pain as I can’t see it on my list of Smartthings controlled devices even though it does work directly via my Google Home. It isn’t as reliable as my Smartthings controlled devices.

Just a bump in case anyone else is looking at this kind of thing…

Refer to J.D. Robert’s post below, correcting my original post here…

Recent updates allow the echo/Alexa to run an automation in the Alexa ecosystem based on an event occurring on a smart home device. So it is possible to create virtual switches/contacts (one device that has both attributes) in SmartThings, expose them to Alexa and then have Alexa control iDevices items based on contact open/close activity. It is not necessary to speak at all.
I expect there is a noticeable delay if you go this route, given the communications and number of machines involved, but it is possible.

Could you post a screenshot if you can trigger your Echo routines from a switch going on and off?

As of two weeks ago, you could only trigger an echo routine from a sensor or from an echo button. Not switches. We have a community FAQ explaining how to set up a virtual sensor in order to do this.

But at least up until recently, you couldn’t just do it from a switch. That would be big news, so can you please confirm it and post the screenshot?


My bad! I used a virtual contact and forgot the details. I will fix the post.

As an aside, this is really kludge-y and there should be a direct way to get to WiFi devices from SmartThings in general. Going through intermediate clouds is not a good choice.

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I don’t know if this helps or not, but I have a custom device which is a switch/motion virtual device. If motion is triggered it turns on the switch and no motion is triggered turns off the switch. The same is true if you turn on the switch, motion is triggered. Turning off the switch will trigger no motion.
An Echo routine can be triggered off of the motion, so any flip of the switch on the virtual device effectively controls the echo routine.
I have a few GE Motion switches, and I have those tuned to create a motion for being turned on and off ( I have lined up with the occupancy state ).
I have been following this thread, but not in detail, so my apologies if I am repeating what others have already discovered about how to connect ST to Echo.

There is a similar DTH already in the FAQ linked to above, but that one is a virtual sensor which also has switch capability. So you can use the switch to turn it on and off with smartlighting or webcore, based on any event in SmartThings. And then the related sensor can trigger an echo routine. It works very well. :sunglasses:

Thanks for the info to the virtual device.
My virtual motion sensor looks about the same. I have a feature for allowing it to turn itself off after a set number of seconds.
I also added a button capability; I attach button events to buttons so that I can use a hacked up version of the ABC button mapper. I do this so that if I need to replace or re-add a switch, I don’t have to set everything up all over again.
Most newer Z-wave devices have a unique identifier, it is a shame that there is no way to use that UUID to connect physical devices to virtual devices. But! I digress.

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