Ideas for routines?

Interested in some ideas for routines to set up. Just got my starter kit (v2)

Smartthings: multisensor x2 (on doors), presence sensor, plug, motion sensor

I have these other devices in my home:
Sonos speakers
Philips hue lights (various lights, dimmer switches, motion sensors)
Amazon echo + 2x dots
Logitech harmony
Nest thermostat
Foobot air quality device
Jawbone up3
Tp-link plug

I’m in the UK, if that matters.

Welcome! :sunglasses: You might find the “get started” project reports list of interest in the community – created wiki . Quite a few interesting threads there, including “top 10 things to do with SmartThings” etc.

You could also jump right to this FAQ ( this is a clickable link)

We should also note that “routine” has a very specific meaning in the SmartThings environment. They are multi device actions that you can set up that can also be displayed as a widget on your phone or watch. Only routines have the widget option.

That said, there are also many other ways to create schedules, rules and automations in SmartThings. So if you were asking in a more general sense, you might also want to take a look at this:

With all due respect, different things work for different people, and many people like and use smart bulbs. The power off switch issue can be solved in multiple different ways.

The question of smart bulbs versus smart switches is one in which there are passionate opinions on both sides, but the ultimate answer is that different things work for different use cases.

The U.K. Lighting FAQ discusses most of the options

And the following thread has more details.

And, of course, the debate continues thread… :wink:

I’m not saying bulbs are better than switches. I am saying that in some use cases bulbs are better than switches, and in some use cases switches are better than bulbs. It depends on each person’s specific needs and preferences.

Again, there are literally hundreds of posts on this topic already (switches versus bulbs). So I’d rather not hijack this thread with that discussion. :sunglasses:

Feel free to take the switch vs bulb follow ups to one of the existing threads. :sunglasses:

My favorites

Some basic assumptions -

The simplest solutions usually work the best.

You’ll find that setup directly in the echo software is the most dependable for immediate control of devices.

Smartthings automations work great for things you you want to passively work and not require interaction from you, except your actions. (E.g. Walk into a room)

Smartthings is your master scheduling devices (do X at 10 pm)

Ok, here we go…

  1. Alexa turn on the TV - Netflix- Apple TV - by far the most used command

(Requires harmony hub- turns on multiple devices and setup various viewing modes)

  1. Alexa turn on good morning- lights, thermostat set, TV to news channels, coffee pot.

  2. Outside entertaining- select zone 2 outside speakers, input sources is sonos, turns on pool fountain, turns on deck lights and landscape lighting

  3. Alexa lockup- closes garage doors (currently broken) , turns off all main floor devices , turns off TV

  4. front lighting automation, foyer, door lighting goes on 15mins before sunset stays on until 420 minutes before sunrise. (About 10 PM)

  5. door bell automation- on doorbell ring , sonos dog barking … also dog barking on door open.

7)movement detection automation- after 11pm movement on the first floor triggers sonos “unexpected movement detected” and the area it was detected. Also turns on the lights in that area.

  1. driveway motion detection automation- sonos announces - “a car has arrived” . Great for the back pool area which the drive and front of the house are not visible.

  2. Alexa trigger alarm- sends a text to 5 family members that something is wrong at the house and to contact home and the local police number. It also emails emergency to a email box that triggers the interior and exterior sirens.

  3. in bound/ outbound- movement in the laundry turns on the lights, interior garage door opens- garage lights and driveway lights go on (after sunset-before sunrise). garage door open- turns on lights in both garage and laundry.

  4. Alexa turn off everything- turns everything off

  5. IFTT enter my home perimeter, turn off internal room recording … leave the area, turn on all recording devices.

I have crappy cell service so any location based automation is limited but great location services open a wide number of options

Let me know what you think!



You could have your Up trigger a wake up or sleep Routine (if they are properly working now).

Your Harmony (assuming you have the Harmony Hub) should be setup nicely as soon as you add it to ST. You can go a step further by adding the Harmony Skill to Alexa, which will pull all of your Activities and Favorites to allow voice control over switching to favorite TV channels.

Or, skip Routines and start with SmartApps. You have everything you need to really have some fun.

Or, You could setup voice notifications:

Have fun with it! Imagine what you want and search the Community forums to figure out how to make it happen!

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Great feedback so far. Thanks everyone. Those other links @JDRoberts added were v enlightening too, especially the use of Modes.

In terms of lights I’m already down the smart light route and have philips hue motion sensors in most rooms that turn on / off given time of day and available sunlight. This negates the need for a lot of the “turn on lights at sunrise” type rules people seem to use. And the Nest thermostat turns itself on/off based on what it’s learn so I don’t need things around that.

Haven’t checked if the hue motion sensors work with ST. Great if they do as the options in the Hue app are limiting. Guests still hit the old switches instead of the Hue dimmers right next to them but that’s a battle for another day.

I’ll def set up a bunch of Alexa commands to control TV, Apple TV, Fire Stick etc via the Harmony Hub. Doing this via Yonomi app at the moment but it doesn’t always work - or maybe Alexa doesn’t understand me. Great if ST can be an improvement here. In fact, anything that doesn’t run on a set schedule I want to be able to do via Alexa.

Some of the inbound/outbound/motion related ones @Old_school mentions are def worth adopting. Likewise I haven’t got any Sonos announcements yet. Useful.

Haven’t really explored vacation related options yet. Reading this I can see using a smart plug to turn on/off my Fake TV would be one thing to do, as well as some light schedules and motion alerts.

Really appreciate all the help!

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