IDE Simulation Trouble

Is there a specific browser/OS version required for the IDE simulation to work properly? I have tried multiple different ways and can only get the IDE simulation to sort-of work on OS X with Chrome. Below is a list of the iterations I’ve tried. Chrome on OS X 10.9 works a little bit, but if I make any changes and save the code I have to completely reload the page or leave and come back for the simulator to start working again. Most clients I do not see any console messages.

Windows 8.1 - IE 11
Windows 8.1 - Chrome
OS X 10.9 - Safari
OS X 10.9 - Chrome - sort of works
OS X 10.10 - Safari
OS X 10.10 - Chrome

Have you restarted your browser since the simulator’s last crash? Whenever it crashes for me I have to restart my browser to get the console going again…