IDE Code Management from iPad/iPhone

I do 95% of my tasks on my iPad with my Bluetooth keyboard. Unfortunately, one of the the things I struggle with is updating, copying and pasting code into the IDE and GitHub. Selecting all, pasting, etc. all is a struggle. Does anyone have any success with this? If so, how are you accomplishing it?

no, the IDE is really hard to use on iPad. try logging out of the IDE. nearly impossible.

Thanks. At least I know it’s not just me! It’s the only thing I can’t do from my smartphone and it drives me nuts. Then again, ST hasn’t even released an iPad app yet (which shocks me), so I don’t expect this issue to be high on the priority list. @slagle, thoughts???

The IDE probably won’t be mobile optimized anytime soon. Mostly because there is just too much going on to optimize. It would be a really touch task. But that’s not to say it can’t be.

Checkout this thread to see if it has been mentioned, and post it if it hasn’t been:

Thanks. I didn’t see it mentioned as a quick search, so I added to it.