I was user, "hibernated" for 4 years and got back. Why ST got so bad?

I used to be an user 4 years ago when I was in US. I used to have an V1 hub, a Schlage lock, some bulbs, some sensors and a thermostat. It was fun and everything used to work pretty fine; then I moved to Europe and got 4 years away from ST. Now I bought a V3 hub and got this unpleasant surprise. The system didn’t make any progress. It is bad, bugged and lagged. My automations don’t work (even with a brand new Samsung TV) as all my presence “triggers”. Sensors are terribly delayed. I am not going to mention the coexistence of 2 apps (weird) and how unfriendly is the new one because it is unnecessary.

You guys are having the same feeling? Why SmartThings are getting so bad?


Things have gotten pretty bad. I was just saying this earlier today.

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No I don’t have the same feeling, my SmartThings works pretty damn well and most automations as basically instant.

I did start having an issue with automations recently, even local ones, thinking that my v2 hub hadn’t been cold booted in a while (it has been warm booted after firmware updates), possibly even as much as a year. I thought I might as well give it a full power cycle reboot and low and behold, everything is back to how things used to be.

But that’s just me I guess…


When you were here it was community driven. Now it’s… well profit driven by Samsung.

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If it would be “profit” driven you would feel it in your pocket. It never been for profit. Before was developers driven, to secure investors, now is consumers driven to secure market share.


maybe an independent backup system is in order. IFTTT integrations and/or Alexa may drive both conveniently with some small lag.

When something small goes unsat in the primary HA system, then you can flip it to the secondary HA system see if you prefer that state. If/when something big blows up then the transition is familiar.

Assembly and Maintenance are required.

My advice, return the v3 Hub and buy a Hubitat Elevation hub. Many of the folks you remember from 2014 are now either working at Hubitat, or have converted from ST to Hubitat. You’ll have that same developer focused experience that is now missing from SmartThings.


I think you misunderstood. I didn’t imply the profit was in our pockets but rather profit driven for Samsung. Why spend money that would benefit Samsung stock holders and way better sales in appliances.

I have never seen SmartThings for sale in a Samsung TV ad but I do see ads for it’s home appliances. Sure they mention the cloud for many of its products but nothing to push SmartThings.

SmartThing is a novelty to them.


Oops, I think you misunderstood me. If they were after a profit, you would be cashing more money out of your own pocket. At 69 a pop, they might as well call it a free hub.

Wyze Cams are $20 each with limited cloud storage, but lifetime service and lifetime free tech support.

In other words, many businesses manage to be successful with stupidly low margins.

Of course - we know that’s because there are plenty of other revenue paths once they have obtained the customer.

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What’s alternatives do people recommend to ST? I’ll check out hubitat mentioned previously.

I already answered you in the “fear“ thread. You really don’t need to post the same question in multiple threads, you’ll get an answer in the first one. :wink: