I need to know where I can buy a Standard Zigbee lock

Hello, could you tell me in which online store I could get a Standard Zigbee lock?

What country are you in? The device selection does vary.

Also, would you consider a Zigbee lock which was bridged to SmartThings via matter? That would let you consider the Aqara U50 or U100, both available from Amazon in several regions. These are much less expensive than most of the other brands, and they are nice locks if you’re OK with ansi level three.

Also, do you want one rated ANSI level two or is level three OK?

For North America, Schlage and Yale both have Zigbee models rated ansi level two and kwikset has one rated ansi level three. I believe all of these will be available at Amazon, among other places. All should work out of the box with SmartThings and all use standard Zigbee 3.0, although you might want a custom edge driver to expose some additional advanced features.

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I live in Paraguay, a country in South America, but I would have no problem bringing the product here by shipping, but I need to know which is a reliable store and an effective lock.

I think I would be interested in seeing both ANSI level 2 and level 3 options.

The Lock you mentioned in another thread was the Tuya made ZemiSmart HM-034.

That’s a European style lock, much narrower than the typical North American lock.

It also has a built-in lever handle.

Do you need something of a similar size and style?

Is it for a mortise lock?

How weatherproof does it have to be?

Hello, good morning, I want something similar to the aesthetics of that lock, it does not have to be 100% the same

How wide in centimeters can it be? This is often the biggest difference between a lock designed for the US market and one designed for other countries.

Also, is it a “mortise” lock or just a sliding bolt?

and does it need to have an attached lever handle?

Preferably it would be good if the minimum width was about 5.5 cm, and it is an exterior lock, therefore I would prefer it to have a handle.

It’s the maximum width That’s usually the issue between the US style and the European style. What’s the maximum width you can use?

For example, the Aqara U50 Lock is designed for the US market and is 7.94 cm wide. Most locks for this market are at least 7 cm wide.

Locks for the European and Asian market are more typically 6 to 6.5 cm wide

It may not seem like a big difference, but it’s often enough of an issue that a lock designed for the US won’t fit on the door in other regions. :thinking: