I have a battery operated device. Any way to control it on/off with ST?


I’ve got a cool wall art thing that uses batteries, I’d love to control it with SmartThings. It uses 3 x AA batteries. Any hope to do this? Thanks!


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There may be a couple of possibilities depending on the exact device and model. Does it have an on off switch that you can press? And if so, what does it look like?

If not, then are you interested in changing the battery operated device over to a mains powered device? Do you need to keep it as battery powered?


Wow, what a great idea. I hadn’t even thought such a thing existed. I just ordered a gadget on Amazon to convert this to a wall plug! $15. Fingers crossed, thanks for the help!

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Is there a deleted post missing above, some “great idea” I’m not seeing?

Converting a battery device to mains powered wont change the way it behaves.

All battery devices I know of are ‘sleepy’ devices, which means they only wake up and send / receive data when physically triggered. Though some wake up at set intervals to check for updates.

What is the exact device you are using?


The original device isn’t networked at all. So it isn’t a sleepy device because it doesn’t do any reporting.

The OP just wanted a way to turn it on and off. Convert it to mains power and then plug it into a networked pocket socket, and you get that.

That’s not an uncommon approach to adding network control of a nonnetworked device as long as shifting it to mains power still meets the use case.

If instead it has to remain a battery powered device, then we have to look at other options.


Exactly! It’s a lighted wall art thingie-doo. Provide power, it lights up. There’s a switch on it, my intention is leave the switch in the on position, convert to mains power, and use ST to control when it’s on or off. Te conversion kit should arrive tomorrow, I’m pretty excited.