I had a Wink - Lock after 30 minutes and send email?

I just moved over from wink yesterday there are a couple things I miss-can you add to smartthings ?

I had an automation set thAt if my Schlage connect lock was not locked after 30 minutes it would auto lock and send me an email.

Automations in ST does not currently offer this ability. But you can check out webCoRE to create complex rules that can perform this task…


You are going to want to setup and use webCoRE

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You can do this using WebCoRE or CoRE as suggested above. CoRE can’t do email but webcore can do that.

If you’re using RBoy Apps then your can check out LUM which has an Auto Relock feature and you can set the timeout in minutes and also limit when you want it to operate (which modes, e.g. Home, Away, Night etc). You can also optionally select a door sensor so it’ll only re lock it when it’s closed. It can only send Push notifications and SMS at this time (email in future): [OBSOLETE] Lock User Management (LUM)


Thanks. How do I find it and download it. Is it for novices ?

You can find it from the link I posted above for the community which has a link to the wiki page.

Once you get use to it… you will find it very easy to use. Plus you can ask any questions on their community forum. There are users who enjoy helping others. They will even help with building your pistons.

@Dougcohen20 I replied to your other thread. There is a built in way to do this using automations.

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@jody.albritton Can you provide a screenshot for how to do this?


you can do everything but the email.

Hi. Can you pls provide a screenshot for how to do this? Thank you

Click the +

Select Automation

For IF
Select Device Status
Select the lock you want to check and mark it unlocked
Select Lock State Unlocked

Click Save
Click Next
Click +
Click Control Device
Pick the Lock again
Tap On The Lock
Set it to Locked
Delay the Action
30 Minutes

Click + again on Then Page
Notify Someone

Save and Name your automation

See above Screenshot


Did this work for your needs?

Unfortunately it didn’t =(

What’s missing?

You may want to post a screenshot of the automation :slight_smile:

After 30 min of being unlocked – lock door

Thank you

I just tested the automation sample above with a 20 second delay and it worked fine. The action will need to be started by first locking and then unlocking the door. Then for every time after that when you unlock the door it will auto lock after 30 minutes unless you lock it manually.


Probably because I never had to program a hub before =(

Hi I bought the iphone app and after watching a video it showed me how to get the access code, once I got the code I put it into the website and it told me the code wasn’t valid – can you help ? thank you !