Humidity Sensor

Does anyone have a recommendation for a humidity sensor? Specifically I’m looking to put something in my climate controlled humidor. I’ve looked at the Zooz 4 in 1 sensor, the Aeotec 6 in 1 and the Everspring temp / humidity sensor. All seem to have very mixed reviews regarding accuracy and battery life. Has anyone used one of these with the specific purpose humidity monitoring? My cigar collection thanks you!

I’ll add Centralite 3315 to the mix. Readings (accuracy/response time) seem to be very decent. I cannot say much about the battery life but I am guessing it will have similar performance (and issues) as other Centralite devices (read Lowes/ST) when connected to Smartthings.

So it will give a humidity read out and not just a “leak” alarm? I’ve got 10+ Lowe’s sensors in my network and they’ve been solid for over a year. I’ll do some checking on the 3315. Thanks for the tip!

It depends in part on just how accurate you want. I believe @cdikland had a guitar storage project which required high humidity accuracy, he may have some suggestions.

I know some members use the Kumo wireless tags. These are small, with high accuracy, but are expensive. You have to get both a $34 tag and their $39 ethernet bridge. ( One bridge can handle up to 40 of their sensors) They don’t integrate directly with smartthings, but they do have an IFTTT channel, or there is an integration that a community member created that is quite popular.

Wireless Sensor Tag Pro | Wireless Sensor Tags


@jgirvine also uses humidity monitoring for a cheese cave, but I don’t know how accurate that one has to be.

Sorry, typo. It is 3310, not 3315

Ideally I need it within 1% or 2% on the relative humidity. I looked at the wireless tags, but I had someone else on here say something about hardware failures and tags not reporting. I can deal with poor customer service and a rude owner / tech support (in fact it kind of makes me chuckle) but would rather not deal with bad hardware. My other concern is what if the guy shuts down his cloud service and leaves the tag useless. My first choice would be using the tags with Swanny’s integration, but I’m still not sure about them. My other interest was using tags and a reader at a remote site (my backhouse that my father in law is in) to pull stuff into my SmartThings account without having a separate hub and account. Are my fears about the tags somewhat overreactionary? Lol Thanks for the response and suggestions!

I think you’re gonna have a hard time finding any connected sensors that are that accurate. I have several everspring ST814s and I’m happy enough with them, but at best they’re 5% off from a more expensive (non-networked) thermometer/hygrometer I have. If you find one please let us know though.

That was one report, it can happen with any equipment. There are quite a few community members who have been using the wireless tags for a couple of years, just ask in that thread for people’s current experiences. There’s no question that the customer service from that company has reportedly not been good, however. But the Kumo tags do meet your accuracy requirement, and I don’t know of anything else networked in that price range that does. Most of the Z wave ones are intended for HVAC control, and they just don’t need to be that accurate.

The IFTTT integration for the kumo tags is cloud to cloud, so the location doesn’t matter. I just don’t know about the custom one, again ask in that thread. :sunglasses:

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Supposedly the tag pro is within 1% on the humidity and 2 degrees on the temperature. I may try the tags and see. The 5% RH variable may be a bit much for what I’m doing.

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You mentioned in another thread that you had found a Bluetooth humidity sensor.

If the app is android, you might be able to get smart things integration by using Tasker and Sharptools.

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Maybe this Sonoff TH with add-on AM2301 temp/humidity sensor would be another alternative to consider. Doesn’t use batteries, very inexpensive, but it does require you to flash the firmware for a simple custom add-on for gaining an On-Off control plus monitoring of temperature and humidity. It specifies +/- 3% accuracy for humidity sensor. You can get them on Amazon but I put the link to a manufacturer website for the full specs all on one page.


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Thanks! I decided to bite the bullet and just ordered the tag reader and two of the pro tags from Cao. From everything I’ve read the integration works great. I was worried about getting a strong zwave signal from my main house out to my office and garage for all of my sensors. If the tags work well, I may use them for all of my sensors in the other structures and eliminate the need for zwave all together. Thanks again for the input and I’ll let you know how it goes. Now lets hope I don’t some how piss the guy off and never get my order. :slight_smile:

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Well, I have to give credit where credit is due. I placed my order last night at 7:30PM CST and it shipped first thing this morning. I’ve already got a tracking number.

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Any late 2018 recommendations? I’d prefer straight SmartThings compatibility without additional hubs or gateways in the middle. For me, accuracy isn’t as important as long as it’s consistent. My humidor has a good solution to stay hydrated as long as it doesn’t run low on water. I’m just looking for a warning when it gets away from baseline.

Does the Xiomi (spelling?) one work natively?

I’m still running on my wireless tags. :slight_smile: I haven’t seen anything with native integration other than using a z-wave temp / humidity sensor.

Since I found out the Lowes Iris motion sensor I already had supported humidity, I used it. Seems to be working well.

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I flashed a TH and setup local wifi. ST discovers it as Sonoff TH. But, when it is added it shows as a wifi switch without the temp/hum. Any ideas how to fix? THanks!