Hue Tap in a standard rocker

Hi all,

I’ve loved the responsiveness of my Hue tap, but it has always bugged me that it did not look like a standard rocker and could not be in the same wallplates as the other switches/outlets in my house. I started doing some research and learned that there are several devices utilizing the same energy harvesting technique as the Tap. Though some of the devices using the same energy harvesting device are using different protocols, the PTM modules are actually the same exact size.

What I did was buy one of these rockers:, popped it open, and removed the PTM module. Then I popped my Hue Tap open, pulled its PTM module out, and put it in the rocker. I was happy to see that it worked perfectly.

Both devices are held together with nothing but clips–zero screws at all. I don’t know if the single rocker would work (or if you’d want to waste two buttons), but if the module inside of it is the same size as the Tap’s, at least two of the buttons should work.

These Leviton rockers are pretty pricey and I only really pulled the trigger on getting one because I managed to find the gray one for just $20 on Amazon. I’m really happy with the outcome, but it would be very hard to justify this project with the current rocker prices. You also lose the ability to remove your light switch from the wall, but I’ll admit that I never once did that while my Tap was wall mounted.


Clever project. :sunglasses:

Think this would fit?
Or this?

I don’t think these will work because they lack the enclosure that’s needed to hold the generator in place and lock the rockers into it. Their housings for these look like they are wired, so I’m not sure that their housing modules would be compatible either.

I do think that this is my cheapest option to switch my grey rockers to white though!