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Hue Dimmer Switch Connected to ST

(Scott G) #21

I was just playing with it and the lag was barely there (turned on/off a Hue bulb, a zwave dimmer, and a zwave fan control all with ease), so it’ll be heavily dependent on general ST performance. When I first got it working it was around sunset and ST was very slow that day.

So the lag is probably overblown by me because I wanted a direct connection.


I don’t have anybody here who can install this for me right now, but I will give it a try tomorrow probably if my housemate has time to do the cut-and-paste. Really looking forward to this.


one last question, after you pair the dimmer to the smartthings hub, can it be unpaired? or is it like the HUE bulbs where you need a third party remote to reset the former so it can be linked to a different hub? (i am in the process of moving and switching to v2 ( one device at a time))

(Scott G) #24

I don’t have another hub/zigbee network to test it with, but there is a small “setup” pinhole on the back that appears to reset the device if pressed for 15 seconds or so. I’ve used it many times to re-pair the remote with ST, so the configure method would fire naturally. It also can be used to “wake up” the remote for receiving commands from ST; otherwise it just sends messages out.



awesome job scott. as Jd said this is truly great.


If someone just wants to use this as an intuitive switch for guests, they could set the buttons like we used to do presets for the old Z Wave scene controllers: paragraph

Off equals off

Dim equals 50%

Brighten equals 75%

On equals 100%.

That would make sense to visitors, and get some good functionality out of the four buttons. :sunglasses:

(Ron S) #27

God you guys rock. Even though I am restricted to bed, I am so going to give it a shot tomorrow. I hoarded 6 of these when it was available.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #28

The SmartThings model of watching for input events on a device and mapping them to repeating dim or brighten is the “best” that SmartThings can do. You might be able to minimize lag with super optimized code and/or tricks in the Device Type Handler.

The Hub V2 will eventually support running this logic entirely locally and that could cut the latency enough to make it perform consistently fast enough.

In the meantime, the cloud round trips is likely far too slow to give acceptable response for any sort of continuous dimming even if coded really well.

These are designed to work on the local ZLL network for that function. At best, the final level of the light could be refreshed and picked up by SmartThings.


thinking about it, if your bulbs are connected directly to smartthings (not hue hub) there should be no trip to the cloud as the smart lights app is supposedly able to run locally if you are on hub 2.0.

(Scott G) #30

Thanks guys! Let me know if anyone has any issues when they give it a shot.

Side question: Can you access the endpointId info of a device from a SmartApp? I’m getting this error when I try to pull device.endpointId in the SmartApp. I know it’s a valid property/attribute because it’s used in a lot of zigbee devices, but is this just off-limits to SmartApps? @tslagle13 @workmonk for your expertise. Thanks!

5:43:09 PM: error java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Property ‘endpointId’ is not supported for devices @ line 38

(Scott G) #31

I’m still v1 hub for now, so no local processing for me. We might need this deviceType to be officially published before it’ll work locally. Not sure how that all works.

Once a few more people test it out and see good results, I’ll submit it for official review.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #32

Unfortunately, since the Device Type Handler for this new button controller (Hue Switch) isn’t official, it will not run locally and thus the entire child SmartApp won’t either.


it works!
scott device type + smart lighting smartapp

button 1 (turn on 100%, toggle on/off deselected)
button 2 (turn on 60%, toggle on/off deselected)
button 3 (turn on 30%, toggle on/off deselected)
button 4 (turn off, toggle on/off deselected)

but I have some issues.
For example, even as I have turned off the option for a button to turn off the bulbs after turning them on (supposedly restricting this action to the last button alone) the buttons still perform both actions, whats worse if I turn the light with the third button (60%) and then try to set the bulbs to 100% (button 1) they will turn off. I dont know if this is a problem with the device type or the smartapp , what do you think?

the delay is there, the bulbs even turn on in sequence and not at the same time. but i can live with that as long as the hub get updated immediately which it does.


it stopped working after 30 minutes :confused: nothing on the logs…

(Scott G) #36

Looks like an issue with the SmartApp as I checked the logs and no matter what the “toggle on/off” option is it still sends the off() command with the 2nd button press. That should be reported to ST.

I reported this to ST about the Smart Lighting app.

(Scott G) #37

Does the green light on the remote still flash when you press buttons?


no, the green light stopped turning on too, to try to solve this I deleted it from st and was not able to re-add it to my system. in the end I linked it to my hue bridge directly, will try again next week.

(Scott G) #39

That happened to me once or twice, and I’m really not sure why or how. I made sure my remote continued to work with sporadic use before posting the code. My remote is still working tonight and I haven’t touched it all day.

The course of action I took is to simply reset the remote using the setup pinhole on back, then tell ST to search for a new device. It should reconnect the remote back into the same device in ST as if nothing went wrong. Sorry about that. I really thought I gave it long enough to work out the kinks.


don’t worry, it was awesome that it worked ,even if it was only for 30 minutes, as i said before will try again next week.

you are doing a great job, without it i will not even have those 30 mins.



I wonder if this is the reason only some people report some problems with the smartenIT 3 toggle zigbee button controller as well. Maybe just depends on exactly how you use it as to whether you run into this. Unless this is a recent change.