Hue Dim During the Night

Is there any way using Smartthings motion to turn hur lights on full during the evening, but only 10-20% during the night time to automate bathroom lights?

Hello home action is the easiest way. Have one to turn on lights at sunset at a specific level. And good night hello home (which changes your level to a lower setting and night mode). See there is a dimmer level there.

Will this work with a motion sensor to toggle the hue lights on and off as well? I assume I might also need a smart light switch.

I did it with a smartthings motion sensor and a hue bulb, it works perfectly!

I have it set up so that from 7:00am to 7:30 it turns green, then from 7:30 to 9:00 it goes into energizing white and then at sunset minus 30 minutes it goes to a relaxing white before turning a non disturbing red at 10% until the next day…

All that with modes and hello home phrases!

How are you changing the color using modes and hello home phrases?

it’s all in there… light mode magic or something like that it’s called… I’ll do a run thru tonight (if I don’t fall asleep before) and post a walkthrough…

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