Hue Colour Changing Tile . . . Possible?

Is it possible to have the smart tile for a Hue style colour changing bulb in the Things section . . . to match the colour of the actual light, as set in ST colour wheel . . .

Surely it would be relatively easy for a coding wizard to make the tile background colour directly linked to the colour selected in the colour wheel within the bulbs device type for the light?

it would make it a hell of a lot easier for quick identification of bulbs by colour . . . it would also be cool to have the option to turn the function on or off in preferences.

cheers kyle


@AutomateEverything I tried to set this up but the app crashes when to try and adjust the backgroundColor property dynamically. There probably is not an easy way to do this. @slagle might have an idea, but I am stumped.


Currently there isn’t a way to do this. Personally I’d love to see this be a possibility though :smile:


Knew i wouldnt be the only person who had thought of this, its an obvious feature… I was surprised it didnt come as standard :slight_smile:

@slagle im sure you will be able to pull a few strings in the near future and tweak this in somehow, all it needs is to pick the hex code from the light colour wheel as you click it and set it for the tile . . . Where there is a will there is a way

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Yup and it works. In real time. If you just set the value as the label it even updates in real time. Trying to adjust the background color randomly crashes it.


Hahah I have been trying to do it this week with no luck :frowning:

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Could always jump out to HTML and a smartapp oauth app and easily do it there.

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this is why i love @pstuart in this community . . . always has a solution!

Still, HTML and oath really extends all the capabilities. Plus if the rumors play out, the new ui might be using HTML for devices anyway. Might as well get a JumpStart on it.

And when I mean rumors, I mean what has been publicly shared by ST employees in an official capacity. Why rumors? Its easier then promises…

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@pstuart did you pick up on that in the UI Dev call last month, because that’s where i got the exact same impression . . . would be a great little feature i reckon.

on a side note pstuart around future features and new possibilities, im also trying to find the latest thread on I-Beacons and room visualization on a dashboard/app… now we have HUB V2 on its way i think its going to be relatively simple in concept to map out your home and know exactly who is where in a house (with close proximity) and all of a sudden everything becomes a bit more personal . . .

Not sure if it was that on or a Bob Florian talk. But it has been said that there will be some sort of multi file bundle to make up new devices.

So CSS, HTML, js all seem to be potentials inside the mobile app, but I still think it is probably better to do it now in a smartapp and oauth.

Unlimited possibilities. Nothing else like it in the HA space. Total custom code with back end data.


Not going to lie thats exciting for me as i know html & css like back of my hand but still learning groovy :slight_smile: so will help a ton and open up a million doors

Here’s the most current topic on IBeacons. Please continue that discussion there.

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