Hue bulb colour changing problems

there is something wrong with smartthings hue integration right now – when i change the colour of a single hue bulb using the ST colour picker, half the time it will go to the correct colour then go to another colour a few seconds after. just selecting a single bulb and changing the colour after turning it on. so i pick a colour, then it goes to another colour a few seconds after, and sometimes the brightness changes as well… and sometimes when i turn lamps off they turn right back on… and sometimes the IOS app crashes after choosing a colour now! really annoying.

anyone else having these issues? was working fine until a few days ago.

I’m sure that’s very frustrating! I would definitely report this to or depending on what region your account is in.

Yes I noticed this today. I don’t normally change the colours very often as I have them set a scenes. Wasn’t sure if it was something I had setup incorrectly or a gremlin. At least that makes two of us.
Not sure if it is the smartthings interface or the Hue connect. I have recently had a firmware update (within last couple of day) and cannot confirm if this strange behaviour occurred before this😕
P.S. I’m in UK

yeah, this is really annoying, i let support know about it but i’m not holding my breath. was working fine for months.