Hue bulb color turn on by motion

Ok here is the plan want to get some hue bulbs and have them turn on in a dark hallway in a natural white color. At a certain point (late at night) I would like them to come on low in a red color so as to not hurt the eyes on late night bathroom trips. My question is can this be done? I figured on using a motion sensor but didn’t know the hue limitations on automatically changing a color at a certain time.
My apologies if this has been asked, just point me to the post.

I think the following smartapp will do what you want, but ask in the author’s topic to be sure.

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I do exactly this but I use super state to set the colors

And an app called bright when dark and/or bright after sunset, which is supplied as a certified smartThings app. (I’m going to call it the controller app going forward to save typing)

I then install the controller app once for each super state switch I wish to control. Each controller app is named something like Hall Night light or Hall standard light.

The nice thing about super state is it allows you to group the smartThings bulbs and set each one a different color.

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Great thanks for the info.

There are two apps that you can install directly from the mobile app. One is called ‘hue Mood Lightning’ and the other ‘Notify me with hue’. I use both to achieve exactly what you are looking for. You can find them under ‘more’ section, ‘smartthings labs’ subsection.

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I could not agree more for this function. It should not require a ‘SmartApp’ this should be a rule that you can set using the ‘Mobile App’. ST needs a lot more simple rules to make stuff like this work.

My suggestion was applicable to v1 hub. With the new app and hub, neither one of the apps I mentioned are available. They both have been replaced by the “Smart Lighting”. You can easily achieve both actions, by setting two “new Lighting Automation” for your motion sensor. I’d be glad to provide more details if you’d like to set these up.

Many of my GE Wink lights are way to bright at 10%. How do you set it lower than 10% in the ‘Smart Lighting’ app. Does it support setting one light at 4%, another at 3% and another at 5%? And turning them all at those levels at the same time? That is what the person that started this thread is asking for, along with color.

I did this using Smart Lighting, using two routines. One for when the mode is set to Night, that turns on with motion (and off after 15 mins) bedroom Hue and Lightify lights to 100% and blue… Another for when the mode is set to Sleep that turns on with motion (and off after 5 mins) the lights to 10% and red. I do something similar with the bathroom lights also.

The only thing to be aware of is making sure the motion sensor is not triggered by movement in the bed, otherwise you’ll be treated to light show all night.

Sorry, there was no mention of GE Link bulbs or dim level in original post. My last comment is a clarification of my initial post, that the two apps mentioned pertain to v1 hub. As for setting GE lights below 10%, that’s a topic for another thread. Also GE Link bulbs don’t have colors.

I like to have a blue light on my front porch, I also have a Blink camera there. I see that in IFTTT I can have the blink motion on one camera trigger a Smartthing switch. My plan is the have the light on porch be blue until motion is sensed, then turn white for 5 min then back to blue. I’m sure I can trigger the change from white to blue, but will the Smart Light app change the color back to blue automatically after a set time elapsed?