Add Hue Color Control to Smart NightLight?

Is there any easy way to add control of Philips Hue color to a SmartApp such as Smart NightLight? I tried adding in some stuff from the Mood Lighting app but couldn’t get it to work (as I’m not a programmer I’m better at small tweaks than wholesale additions such as that).

I have some of my lights change to red using the mood lighting app when the my system switches to Night Mode. Then I use the smart nitelite app to turn on those lights when motion is sensed. Hope this helps.

Doesn’t that mean though that the lights are left on when switching to night mode? It’s my understanding that a color change also turns the light on (as in, you can’t change the color in the background while off). With that being the case it seems like the best practice would be to have the color change when I want it to turn on as part of the Nightlight trigger.

They turn off because of the smart nitelite app. They change color at 10pm see no motion after about 5 minutes and then turn off. You can also do a at mode change change color app, smart nitelite app, and turn off all lights if you want them not to be on for any amount of time. I do not know of a way to change the color while off. Even the most skilled smart app is going to turn them on for a second to change the color. As far as I know anyway.

You’re correct in that states can not be changed when the light is off… BUT they can be changed when you turn them off. So if the light is currently on and white, and you know that the next time you turn it on you want it to be red, you can set that state when you turn it off.

Yeah, I was hoping to just add in the parts about changing the color to the actual motion trigger section in the Smart NightLight app, but it looks like changing it before it shuts off is the only way with my limited knowledge of the code. :smiley: