Hubitat->SmartThings "Mirror" BETA testers wanted

Hi @csstup

I am trying to test govee led strip. Seems to be integration pulling this led strip as

switch instead light.

Do we add it in the supported device or yet to be done?

In this case, whats the difference between a switch and a light? Just the icon? The switch and light would both have on/off and dimming. No color support yet.

Thanks @csstup i understood now. Are you planning to add the color support soon?

Hi, I’d like to participate if you are still looking for testers. Thank you!

I’d like to test this as well. Have a brilliant control and want to be able to keep it working when I migrate to Hubitat.

I want to join it

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I have installed Maker API, Edge Drivers from Aeotec (that is the type of hub I have) but scanning doesn’t result in the Hubitat virtual device showing up. Logging isn’t showing anything of concern.

Added you to the beta email for instructions on how to subscribe.

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I’d like to test. Thanks.

Hi guys - Have a Harmony Ultimate remote that has a two extra buttons for light switches and plugs. I use these with SmartThings. But I have switched from ST to HE since there is no more webCore on ST…

I have everything ported over to HE, but I have one main challenge left… I can’t find a way to tie these buttons on the remote to devices in HE. Hamony has an integration with ST which makes that easy. But as far as I can tell, HE cannot be trigged directly from Harmony.

I saw something about a work around using HA, but I don’t want to add another hub and get a Pi and set all that up…

So instead of ditching my ST hub, I guess I will need to keep it around for this purpose. :frowning: So now I need a way for a couple switches to be shared between ST and HE. And the work being done here looks like it can work for this.

Basically what I would do is link the Harmony to a virtual switch in ST. Then I just need a way in HE to know when the virtual switch in ST turns on and off. Can this tool be used for this? How? And if so can I please get in on the beta? Thanks!

A few options come to mind.

  • You could use HubiThings Replica to replicate your existing Harmony devices over to HE. It would use the ST cloud API to control/subscribe to events that your existing Harmony devices in ST generate.

  • Mira could help you as well, but you’d need to create a virtual device on the HE side:
    – Create a virtual button or switch in HE.
    – Mirror that virtual back to ST using Mira, which creates a ST side virtual button or switch.
    – Create routines that when your Harmony button is pressed, it presses (or turns on) the ST virtual. This will replicate the press or toggle over to the virtual in HE.

I’m adding you to the thread to try out Mira if you’d like to go that route!

I would like to beta test Mira. Thanks!

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Thank you for this and all the hard work you put into Mira! Am I correct to assume that I will have to keep my ST hub in operation for this to work?

So in summary, there is no way for a Harmony remote with Home Control buttons to talk to any devices on HE directly?

Yeah, it’s providing the communication between HE and the ST ecosystem.

Do you mean linking Harmony with HE directly? Not sure, I don’t have one.

Hello @csstup - very much interested in participating in this testing & using it for daily routines.

I had been using hubconnect until earlier this week, everything was great until it went offline due to ST changes. So, I was searching for a solution to have these hubs talk to each other. I started with HubiThings in the other side to take ST devices on HE. Similarly, I would want HE devices talking to ST, your project will be very useful.

By the way, is it bidirectional? TIA

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Yep, the design is to take real HE devices and they mirror over to ST as virtuals. Changes on either side reflect to the other in near-time. Both attributes and commands.

Adding you to the invite!


My connection between ST and Hubitat just went down today and I’m unable to reconnect. Please add me to this. Thanks!

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Hi Corey, like many others my ST / Hubitat just broke with the Groovy thing, would love to be added to get it back! Thanks for all your work on it.

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Hi! I am so interested in this project. Would you plz put me in the beta test list?
I recently added hubitat hub.
I originally use Smartthings and I am on migration from smartthings to hubitat.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Mira is now available publicly. See the link here: Mira: Hubitat to SmartThings hub integration Edge driver

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