Hub v3 worth it over my v2?

I have a ST v2 hub. Obviously have to connect it to my router, which currently I go through a mesh disc. Works fine.

I’m wondering if get a v3 then just needs power, as uses WiFi now and so I could move it to a more convenient place.

How is it over WiFi for those who have had wired and wireless hub? Reliable?

Is the hub any better/worse than other versions?

Is there a backup/import function yet as know this was talked about a lot.

This v3 hub is a few years old now so wondering if any new are on the horizon, and I should wait.

My advice… keep the V2 hub “for now” unless you really want to move it to the more convenient place.

I would skip the wifi mesh version. Stick to the Aeotec SmartThings hub at this time.

No backup/import at this time. There was migration tool (V2 to V3 hub) for a short period but that seems to have been removed for reasons unknown.

The release info for new products is never given but that would now come from other companies (currently Aeotec) as ST no longer produces hardware.

Again, my advice is to keep the V2 hub and wait for Matter and see what happens.