Hub V2 - Migration - The Steps

Ok, I’ve pre-ordered the hub with the initial offering, and I have about 90+ devices in my home system, and possibly 35 smart apps. I’ve used most of the different community offering and tweaked them, and tried where possible to use the SmartThings app.

I have Hue, Wemo, Minimotes, Netatmo, Foscams, Z-wave switches, Z-wave motion sensor, Z-wave tilt sensor, ST motion sensor v1 & v2, Z-wave Key Fob, the Aeon Z-wave Powerstrip, Aeon Smart Switch Power, GE Link Bulbs, a few Virtual Switches, Quirky Trippers, Quirky Spotters, Quirky PivotPower Genius, MyQ Garage Door Opener, ST Multi Sensor, Monoprice Motion Sensor, MonoPrice Open/Close Sensor, and PEQ Motion & Open/Close Sensors, GE 45600 Remote and GE 45601 remotes.

Additionally, I’m hooked up w/ the Smart App Smart Rules, IFTTT, GroveStreams as well.

I’m trying to figure out what the best way to do this migration, I know it is going to take a bit and I understand it.

I’m attempting to find the best way to go through this, and what things I should remove initial and what things are going to be the most difficult to re-integrate.

Any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

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