Migration to V2 - Hurdles and Best Practices

Happy Migration Everyone! I know it won’t be, so let’s get started on sharing what works, what doesn’t and what NOT to do when attempting to migrate from V1 to V2. @pstuart got us started (see link below). Any suggestions? Maybe a smart app that could help ease this painful experience…


Told wife and kids they won’t have a husband/daddy for 2 days sometime in September so make plan accordingly. One day for setup and the other day for recovering.
Beside I think it’s a good idea to start fresh and get rid of some junk apps.


HaHa! I think you also forgot to Add…Get rid of some of the devices which you are unable to Exclude using the Z-wave Exclude utility in Web IDE and needing to find all of the manuals from everyone of your device. Just thinking about it is giving me a migraine!

P.S. Don’t forget to save a copy of your custom Device types.

Yeh @pstuart. I know you have an affinity for the MiniMote. I recall one of the first developer discussions I attended when you wanted to know why they were not properly being integrated into ST. I have 2 now and I am only able to use one. Can you share your experience? Greatly appreciate.

You won’t loose any device types or smartapps when you swap out hubs, just the devices. Device types and smartapps are tied to your account and will be waiting for you to reset them up unless you also delete your account. Depending on how custom some of your devices are you may want to record some of the settings like user/password or api tokens.


Never used a minimote.

So happy I moved all of my GE link bulbs to the Hue bridge! I cannot imagine myself flicking on/off 15 bulbs one by one every 3 seconds for at least 5 times! Brrrr…Need to explore the exclude utility in IDE. I was really preparing myself mentally to go in each room and to exclude/include each switch. When I get the hub, my plan is to do the migration, room by room, over several days!


If you have device which are i.e., in wall switches, you may want to carry a laptop to run the Exclusion process; as it only active for 15 seconds, during which time you will need to flick the switch on and off several time. Followed by the re-joining process. I had to do that with my Intermatic Z-wave in-wall dimmer when it stopped responding to my hub this year.

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  1. Get yourself a really long ethernet cable so you can carry the hub around your house. Some older Z-Wave devices need too be within a couple of feet from the hub to perform exclusion/inclusion.

  2. You can use hub V2 (or any Z-Wave controller) to perform exclusion. If you’re going to use the hub, it helps to have two mobile devices with SmatThings app installed, so you don’t have to flip through half a dozen screens switching between exclusion and inclusion modes. Saves a ton of time.


You can use mobile app to perform exclusion.


As far as best practices go, why aren’t you guys just using a Minimote to exclude zwave devices? A lot easier than carrying a laptop or dragging 50 feet of ethernet cable. :scream:

The only thing you can’t do with a Minimote is include a doorlock that uses high-security. But otherwise you can include or exclude.



Doh! You’re right… Sure is buried under a few pages / clicks! … Hope the mobile App doesn’t crash too often!

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Sure, use it, if you have one. Make sure to assign a newly included device a unique name right away or you’ll end up with a dozen of identical devices and won’t know which is which. :smile:


Oh… and one more thing, when you migrate your Z-Wave network, make sure no one else in your household uses any Z-Wave devices or you’ll end up “losing” your devices due to inadvertent exclusion. It’s best if you’re home alone when doing migration.

@JDRoberts, it would be awesome if you could put together a V2 Migration FAQ based on this thread. :smile:


I was just rebuilding everything from scratch and had a couple of accidental z-wave exclusions from the boys in the other room trying to get the lights to work while I was working on another room. :laughing: Took me a little while to figure out what was going on…

I think the hard part would be just moving the SmartApps. You might not need to resync all your devices. If you have 2 hubs, I think you can easily move all your synced devices from one hub to another using IDE->My Devices->(device)->Edit->Hub->change it to your new hub. I haven’t fully tested this functionality yet. Maybe it’ll work.

One interesting thing is you can assign your current devices to the new location without a hub.

p.s : If you have cloud based devices, you don’t need a hub, you just need to create new location first and install the cloud based devices there.

I’ve tried moving devices from one hub v1 to another hub v1 and it doesn’t move their pairings. Wish it was that easy. If that was the only piece ST got working of a migration tool, that would be worth it.

You most likely will need to remove and repair every device that is zigbee and zwave. At least you have to do that now with hub v1s.

But at least you shouldn’t have to do them all at once and hopefully can do them over time.


Were you just practicing for the big migration to v2?

Ummm… No comment. :no_mouth:

There is one other thing you can’t do with a Minimote, and that is to include an instant reporting z-wave switch (e.g. Leviton VRMX1). Such a switch MUST be included directly to the hub, or it will not instant report. :grinning: