Hub V2 - Hot Fix - 09/15/16 (15.8)

My issues so far…

  1. Many of my ST branded Zigbee devices stopped working and needed to be reset.
  2. Samsung Robot Vacuum integration no longer works.
  3. Cannot add a mode in the app.
  4. Mobile presence has been flakey.
  5. I get logged out a bunch of times a day.

Anyone from ST going to actually comment on any of the issues other than the Hue integration? WTF is going on? I know most of you defended ST in my Dear ST Staff post, but this is another example about why I posted it. They have no idea what they are doing.

And neither are you, sorry. Your issues may as well be related to your zigbee mesh, your ISP, your other wifi devices. Before pointing fingers at an army of engineers what concrete evidence do you have that it’s their fault (except for item #3)

The Samsung vacuum (actually, all Samsung smart home devices, not just the vacuum) and the logging in and out have been reported by multiple community members since the recent update and smartthings staff have specifically said they’re looking into the logging out issue. Also some presence issues reported, although that may have to do with the logout issue.
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The samsung smart home issue has been reported by others. It is them, not me. #2
I didn’t modify the mobile app, so that is them also. #3, 4, 5 (others have reported all these issues)

As for zigbee others have also reported this the day of the upgrade.

It’s clear by all of the issues they have some leadership issues that they do not know how to manage a platform of this complexity.

I have seen a few people mention this.
I’m assuming you mean:-
Automations -> Routines.
Then press the ‘+’ and add a routine.
Just wondering as I can add one OK.
Is it app related?
I’m using an Andriod running Version 2.2.0. Build Number 207522.
I’m in UK on the EU shard. Not sure if this makes a difference.

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No, they are referring to adding a “mode.” Like “home,” or “night,” not a routine. In fact, routines are often filtered by mode so that a particular routine will only run when the mode is “away” or “night.” So routines and modes are used together, but they are two different things.

You used to be able to add modes in the mobile app on the location screen. Now you have to go into the IDE to do it.

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Which I don’t really mind, but the mass market users they are targeting will have no idea.

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Ahhhhh. Got ya.
In that case, neither can I. :slight_smile:

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Mine too. It tells me I’m home 10 min after I get home. Defeats the purpose of opening garage door upon arrival. Before the update phone was rock solid the other presence devices not so much.

All of my ST contact (3) and a motion sensor (1) have become stuck over the weekend after working great for the the last few months and the arrival sensors also going crazy.
I had no issues before this “Hot Fix” now I have delays with hue lights but not with the turning on of the bulbs themselves thats fine CoRE will turn a light on but smartthings won’t register that it’s on or there is a delay so any if bulb is on in CoRE becomes useless.

We have another ST branded zigbee device report…

and another one…

I have the latest firmware and all of my zigbee devices (50 plus) are working just fine. If it was a bad update like you suggest, I would have been affected too, don’t you think?

Well, for the first time in a really long time, this morning I had a mode change failure.

Edit: I’ll revise my statement.

Morning Mode did fire. And my morning CoRE routine also responded to that mode change and fired.

But, the mode change did not reflect in the system. Not one single command from the CoRE routine was successful.

So there was much more than a mode failure.

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Not necessarily. I’m glad all of your zigbee devices are working and this update has caused no issues for you. Can you let us all know how you have gotten your widgets to work 100% or how you get the app to stop logging you out?

Also, just now, another logout then a crash!

Also, I really wish my vacuum integration would work.

@bamarayne Can you elaborate on this more (and pref. open a ticket with support) so we can dig into it?


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That’s easy, I don’t need widgets, my system is 100% automated.

My app doesn’t log me out…

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I am not sure what is going on with this one… I don’t have an appliances immediately on hand (the powers that be wouldn’t hook me up with a free FamilyHub fridge… which might be bigger than my entire kitchen), but will ask around. Can you send these screenshots to support@ so we can get them flagged for the devs

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You are so much better at home automation than I am.

Sure thing.

In notifications it says that at 0555 my mode was changed to morning from sleep. But the smartapp was reflecting sleep mode under the hamburger. Not of the morning mode triggered automations were active.
Under the activity tab it showed that my morning mode triggered automations were sent the on commands, but they did not respond.

I manually changed the mode back to sleep, and then back to morning. Still failed. I did this twice mite with the same results. The mode did finally change to morningng, but the automations were still a failure.

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Update @Aaron

Day Mode failed to fire at 0800. That’s two.