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Hub v2 Antenna Orientation



Thanks for the clarification. I was confused for a while there.


(Jeff Johnson) #22

Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I’m experimenting with placements for my hub - I live in an apartment, but have access to the attic so I have some flexibility with running wires… within reason (what I can fix later with drywall…). I noticed in the labeled pics, there’s 4 small solder pads for the antennas for zigbee and bluetooth. While the bluetooth isn’t of much interest at the moment (since its not implemented…), the zigbee one… could a surface mount u.fl (I think thats the right name for it) antenna connector be placed there and an external antenna added? For that matter, the z-wave antenna is certainly easy to get at too (different frequencies obviously) - just thinking about ways to get the antennas away from the board and/or add external antenna ‘options’ - I’m not an RF guy, but I know a little (except terminology apparently).

I’m guessing ST staff isn’t going to reveal much on this one :slight_smile: but I’m not opposed to modifying things even if its not quite as aesthetically pleasing.