Hub v1 or v2 as zigbee repeater / range extender


I have hub v1 from SmartThings. Currently I have migrated to hub v2 though. Can I use hub v1 as zigbee repeater / range extender. If yes, then how.

Also can it be used as zwave repeater / range extender ?

Can hub v2 be used as zigbee and/or zwave range extender too?


A hub can not be used as a repeater for either zigbee or zwave. If you’re in the US, the Iris 3210 outlet will repeat both.

thank you for quick reply. Iris 3210 is still not the most cost effective solution.
I do read that xbee can be used as zigbee repeater here. However the post is not clear and I am not sure how to use xbee as zigbee repeater. Is there a concise post about how to use xbee as zigbee repeater?


~$30 is a bargain for two repeaters. If you’re not willing to find the instructions and go through the setup of the xbee, then the price you pay covers the convenience.