Hub moved to another users email account (maybe app migration related)

I’m not sure this will help but since Smartthings support is telling me there is nothing they can do I thought I would try the forums…

I manage several homes hubs and log in and out of them as needed to troubleshoot, so the other day I was logged into my account and got the update notice for the new app, so clicked that and downloaded it, then had to log into a clients home so logged out (still in the classic app) and into their home, then back out afterwards. But I could not log back into my account in either the new or old app.

Contacted support who looked up my hubs serial # and found it was attached to my clients email address. So I logged into their account on the IDE and see my homes hub and see all my devices on their account… and their hub and devices are no where to be found.

So I’m not sure how to proceed without having to reset and build 2 homes worth of devices, which is a significant time sink.

Any ideas?

Ok new twist… if I log into the other IDE at with the other users email address I can see my hub, my neighbors hub (which they share with me so I get their alerts) and the hub I should see.

Sent that to support too so hopefully it helps them help me!

Here’s a secret:

Regardless of what shard URL you use, the My Locations tab will always show the same results. The Shard URL will only change once you select a Location from that list.

Thus, you can start at the official new login point: and then immediately go to My Locations and figure out all the Locations, Hubs, and Devices associated with that login.

Non-real things (e.g., Virtual Things) can actually be moved from one Location to another, but that’s completely unsupported. Physical Things cannot be moved because they require unjoin and rejoin steps.

Can a Location be moved to a different Account? Perhaps Support can do this. They ought to be able to, but don’t be surprised if they disagree.

More background on Shards: