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Hub inactive


obviously its not my network so I have a few questions.
when the hub is inactive is there no way to control anything locally? Im betting the answer is no and that’s a serious reliability issue.
where can I get status updates on the “not so great cloud” on Samsung(?) server?
i assume I have to do the hold button reset for version 2?

to add to my question has anyone come up with a proxy or secondary device/hub that can run locally. because now i am thinking that if my internet drops out then i am dead in the water if samsung cant keep a reliable server running then I am dead in the water. it would suck to invest 100’s maybe 1000’s in “things” that cant be used if either service decides ti go down.


There are a few options.

if the cloud is down but the hub is up

First, if the Samsung cloud is out for an extended time but your hub is still operating, there are a few (and only a few) things that will still run, basically smart lighting automations that use only devices with local handlers.

The following thread discusses this in detail.

You can see what you have running locally on your own account:

If the hub goes down

Next, if your hub goes out it’s no different than any zigbee or zwave controller going out. The only option you have in this circumstance is if you have previously associated some Z wave devices with each other for direct association. But that’s not typical in a smartthings set up because the direct association to do not report to the hub and so things can get out of sync. But it is possible.

In either case, your devices still have value

It’s important at this point, however, to note since smart things uses standard zigbee home automation and Z wave devices, even if your hub was destroyed and the Samsung cloud was not available, you could still keep all of your other devices and move them to a new controller. Exactly which controller and which devices might vary, but you certainly should be able to preserve a large amount of your device investment. sensors, switches, smart bulbs, etc. should all be able to work with other controllers.

secondary controllers?

As far as having something that can run locally when your smartthings hub was not operating, you can’t do that for any zigbee devices which are connected directly to the smartthings hub because a Zigbee device can only have one controller at a time.

If you have your smart bulbs on a Phillips Hue bridge then you would be able to continue to use those bulbs through that bridge connection. But zigbee bulbs like Osborne Lightify or cree just wouldn’t work.

Z wave, however, does allow for the possibility of secondary controllers. Smart things doesn’t support all of the command sets available for those, but you can set up a simple connection. Some Community members do have a Staples connect or a vera (both of which can run locally) acting as a secondary Z wave controller to their smart things hub. But it won’t run any of your smart things routines or smart apps or rule machine. It will only run schedules or scenes that you have set up on that secondary controller. So it will fit some use cases, but not all.


very informative thank

oddly enough looks like i have nothing local…

this is what I have currently running
lightify bulbs (many of them)
ST kit items
and the iris garage door opener.

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All ST kit devices should be local but combined with either your bulbs or garage opener (if you use a custom handler) disqualifies them from running local.


so any guess why nothing says its local? i have the 2 multi sensor connected to the hub and the wall plug but i have not done anything with them. but they show up as a device and seem to be working since they are reporting a temperature


just so I am clear …
because i have a bunch of lightfy bulbs caused the no local devices? Guess i am a little confused.

I plugged the hub up and created an account and just started adding or letting it find devices i actually have not added anything custom except smart tiles I don’t even know know how to perform any custom actions i was actually surprised i got all devices connected and smart tiles installed.

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I can understand your confusion. Unfortunately, the stock handler (device type) for Osram bulbs is not eligible to run locally, so any automation using these bulbs cannot run locally. There may be a generic zigbee bulb device type that you could use to enable your bulbs for local processing, but that requires you to play in ide to find the right handler.


yea the part that’s confusing for me is I have no devices that are local OR i am not looking in the right place. I assumed the two sensors plug and motion from the kit would be local devices.