Hub Firmware Beta 0.39.X

Mine came through a couple hours ago. :+1:

updated 3 hours ago, all good :+1:

Got it as well


How long for going through the beta signups?


If you signup for the beta, do you lose access to the groovy ide?

apologies if this is a stupid question.

I signed up when an upcoming beta was announced but wasn’t enrolled until the next one came along. I don’t know if that is typical but it seemed fair enough to me.

You do not lose access to IDE

Agree, am not familiar with the firmware release intervals, so not sure how long that will take.
Using Animus today, but want to change platform now that Edge is released, so a little eager to check how usable it is compared to what I come from.

You don’t need beta hub firmware to use Edge drivers

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Was the post for me?
I know but am only interested in running locally, and am not satisfied with the current version.
Just bought Smart Hub to see how ready it was to run everything locally. (Using Animus today)

Hey! It depends when you sign up. It can be around 30 days depending if you sign up after our latest beta. I would encourage you to make sure you put your data in accurately on the sign up sheet as that is the leading reason as to how people who are interested are ineligible. Thank you for your interest. Looking forward to having you join us!

Hi Alissa

I think it’s a couple of weeks ago, and regarding filling out as much info as possible.
You can only fill out that you have enabled.
There’s no field to put in your background, the purpose for the sign-up etc.
Only what programming languages you are good at, and so on.
As I want to transition to the new platform, I have to start from scratch on Edge.

But if the sole purpose for beta testing is to fix issues by rewriting code, I get you want to have fulltime developer doing the beta testing.

Using hub v3 I’m still on V 000.036.00005, is there a way to force the update? I’m in Australia. How do I join the beta program?

Are you using a 2018 V3 hub or SmartThings wifi (the one with mesh wifi router built in)? That firmware version looks current for SmartThings wifi.

Yes, you are correct: I use the SmartThings Wifi hub v3. Does this make a difference, and if so, what is the latest firmware for that model?


I’m on the beta 0.39.x.
Are there any changes relating to Z-wave devices? All my Z-wave light (1 & 2 gang) switches are offline now!
Tried reboot hub, still the same. I can still see logs, but it doesn’t reflect the state on the app, and I’m unable to control them.

We will DM you for further investigation.

the 2018/V3 and SmartThings wifi are different models. Unfortunately the beta program is only for 2015/V2. 2018/V3 and Aeotec hubs. Yours is on the current firmware version for SmartThings wifi (36.X).

0.39.5 Release Notes: Hub Firmware Beta 0.39.5 planned to Release on Sept 14th-15th.

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0.39.6 Release Notes: Hub Firmware Beta 0.39.6 planned to be released on Sep 17th