httpGet response truncated

I am having some trouble parsing the response of an httpGet request. It appears that the response is getting truncated at ~1700 bytes. I at first thought it was just the logging that was getting truncated when printing out the response data, but I have written a basic regex to search for keywords and it appears, based on what matches and what doesn’t, that the response itself it truncated. The page I am retrieving is not that large, only ~19k bytes. I’ve run the code locally against a local copy of the page and it matches as expected.

A link to my (very, very alpha) code is below. The page it is accessing is authenticated, so unfortunately you can’t see the behavior first-hand. At this point I’m reasonably certain that ST is truncating the response or I’m doing something very wrong. Is this behavior normal/expected and, if so, are there any parameters I can tweak to work around the limitation?

I’ve wasted way too many hours on this, any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Of course, thanks!

Bumping this to see if anyone has had success retrieving large-ish HTML pages using httpGet. I can reliably reproduce the behavior where ST appears to truncate the retrieved page at ~1k bytes. Has anyone else seen this issue and/or know of any workarounds?


Switching to the asynchronous HTTP APIs solved the problem.

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