BUG: Incorrect response parsing on httpPost

(Erik) #1


For the second leg of an OAuth I am attempting to post with httpPost a content type of application/x-www-form-urlencoded and receive a response of content type of application/json, however the response is decoded as type urlencoded rather than json. Additionally, the original undecoded content is impossible to retrieve as the underlying HttpResponse entity and HTTPBuilder classes are blocked by java security rules.



Hi Erik,

I appreciate you taking the time to report this bug. Please send this to support@smartthings.com so that it can be reported through our normal channels.

I’ll post this on each thread that you put up. Thanks again for taking the time to report these issues!

(Erik) #3

I have made a pull request to update the docs that contentType is not actually the request contentType but the forced response type and accept headers.

It would be nice to see a template or test using http://httpbin.org/ to show expected behavior.