How to use Z-Wave Schedule Class - Z-Wave Lock?

I am trying to schedule a door lock event at a particular date and time from inside a capability handler by using this code. I am using this as a reference


  device:send(Schedule:StateSet({ schedule_id = 1, schedule_state = 2, }))

      schedule_id = 1,
      user_identifier = 1,
      start_year = 24,
      start_month = 4,
      start_day_of_month = 17,
      start_weekday = 3,
      res = true,
      start_hour = 11,
      duration_type = 2,
      start_minute = 25,
      duration_byte = 300,
      reports_to_follow = 0,

  device:send(Schedule:StateSet({ schedule_id = 1, schedule_state = 2, }))

  device:send(Schedule:CommandGet({ schedule_id = 1 }))

the command is sent to the device but the device dose not emit event also when i try to get the events from the zwave handler defined below i am unable to capture any events

 [cc.SCHEDULE] = {
      [Schedule.COMMAND_REPORT] = schedule_report_handler,
      [Schedule.SUPPORTED_REPORT] = schedule_report_handler,
      [Schedule.STATE_REPORT] = schedule_report_handler,
      [Schedule.SUPPORTED_COMMANDS_REPORT] = schedule_report_handler,

Any example on how to schedule a lock event on a give date and time would be of great help

Hi, @xxparthparekhxx!

When are you sending these set commands? For example, in which lifecycle or event because some Z-Wave devices that only accept configurations when they wake up.
For example, in the official drivers repo, you can see some actions when the device wakes up.

Here’s for a Lock but it only has GET commands
This one for a multi sensor has SET commands in this handler: