How to use lights when internet is down?

I’d there no way to have access to the lights when the internet is down? It’s not a big deal, just want to make sure before I go out and buy lutron remoted for every room as a back up.

Local devices and local smartapps will run without cloud processing.

If the lights and switches in question are on the supported ST list and no third party SmartApps or device handlers use them, they will still work locally.

If your devices and SmartApps in use show up on these lists, they’ll work, is my understanding.

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How would you use Lutron to backup ST lights?

They would work the same way I use Insteon for backup I think. My insteon lights/switches are all connected to ST for all my primary stuff, but if the internet goes down, I can still use them with my Insteon motion/contact sensors. Essentially running two systems for some select area’s. But it covers my bases.

Won’t the minimotes do the same if you directly pair a scene with them and various z-wave lights/switches? Granted, you loose flexibility as they have to mirror your ST rules.

Yes, use official (stock) device handlers for zigbee and zwave devices and use Smart Lighting to automate your lights. Anything outside of this setup will mot work if Internet is down.

Your insteon integration is cloud 2 cloud, I assume. So if internet is down you can control them using Insteon local control. If he has non Lutron switches, I don’t see how Lutron remotes will work as backup. Yes you can do zwave secondary but not zigbee, and to my knowledge Clearwire is neither…

All I know is when the internet is down im still able to control the lights it’s connected to. Looks like that will be the way to go as all my lights are using custom handlers.

He’s using the Lutron Connected Bulb remote which is a zigbee remote that directly binds to bulbs. It’s essentially a secondary controller in that regard. The remote actually doesn’t talk to the ST hub at all except to join the same zigbee network.


Thanks, when he said Lutron remote I thought of Pico. I forgot they have a zigbee remote now…

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Devices that are able to be controlled locally can be found

SmartLighting and Smart Home Monitor are the only 2 SmartApps that can be ran locally. To check that these are being ran locally look here:

This really only works for things like time activated or motion activated lighting.

I use a raspberry pi with Openhab as a secondary controller which can be quickly enabled to take over if th internet is down

But not for Zigbee devices, right? Only zwave?

That is correct, but all my Zigbee devices with the exception of my presence sensors and a couple of st open close sensors are connected to ST via the Hue Hub and this can be controlled via the Openhab RPi. So my emergency Openhab automations work around the excluded devices.

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