How to Trace Z-Wave Radio Repeater Path

Back in the day, we used to be able to look up the Zwave and zigbee path that devices were using to get to the hub. I previously did this with the old IDE.

In instances where I had device frequently falling off the network, I found this to be invaluable at tracing issues to a problem device that was otherwise showing no issues.

I’m facing this issue again but for the life of me, I find a way to figure out the hops to the hub in the app or in the advanced web interface.

Anyone know a way to view these now?

There is no official way to do it. You could try the following driver, but it might mess up you automations when you make the change.


It doesn’t appear that driver works anymore. I just get these html strings.

Yay that change ST made screwed a lot of drivers up.

Look in history to see it recorded anything.