How To Resolve Mobile Presence Errors?

I’ve had nothing but problems getting the 4 iPhones in my system to sync up. At any point at least 2 of the phones register as away or present when they are not. I removed and re-installed the app several times. I removed one of the phones as a mobile presence and then added it back in, still shows as away when it is at home. I also recently added a Zigbee outlet just to help make presence more accurate with all of our phones.

I think mobile presence is one of the most valuable features of ST, but totally useless since it never seems to work consistently for me (and others on this forum) How to you resolve this problem?

Not sure if this will help, but the mobile prensence will not be helped at all by adding any hardware such as outlets. It relies on GPS/Wifi location services. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong! One thing that support has mentioned to me was to increase your geo fence…that may or may not help.


Ah you’re right Jeff, I forgot it’s the Presence Tags that use Zigbee, and they were also giving me errors a while back so I added the outlet. I did increase my geo-fence tho but it didn’t help.

I’m curious how many of your iPhones are 4 models.

ST seems to always see my 5s arrive and depart, but it regularly misses the return of my wife’s 4.

They are all iPhone 5’s

Do the Things page and the Dashboard page agree with each other?
I have my Nexus 5 and my wife’s iPhone 4S enabled as presence devices and for the first couple of days when they were activated, the dashboard and the things page never agreed with each other (things page was more accurate than not). It seems like after a few days it started to stabilize and they’re mostly correct now although occasionally the dashbaord will think the opposite of what we actually our, but the Things page is almost always correct.

When I see that things are out of whack on the Dashboard I usually double check the individual phones in Things and they always seem to match.

Well 1 of the phones has corrected itself, so there’s only 1 left that is not reporting correctly (mine). But as the title of this thread says, I still don’t know how or if there is a way to resolve this problem other than to just wait for it to fix itself. There really should be some procedure the get things back in sync.

I am having a similar problem. I set up SmartThings yesterday and this morning when my wife and I left it saw her leave but not me. 15 min later I was still registered as home on her phone, but as soon as I pulled up the app it changed my status to away.

A few hours later she made a trip to the store and back (several miles away) and it said she never left home.

Currently she is gone, but the hub thinks she is home. However it is correctly registering me as gone.

I know that since I just set this up there are a hundred things that could wrong, but I have a programing background and I was very careful with all my conditions. Should I just wait to see if the problem corrects itself?